Field Day

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Permission slips are coming home today for Thursday’s field day. Please return the slips by tomorrow. If your student is absent today, you can text the classroom phone or send an email giving permission for them to attend. Here are some key points for the day:

  • We will be in the sun most of the day, please come to school with sunscreen already applied.
  • If your son/daughter does not want to participate, they may stay home. Please just text us (313-701-7985) and we will mark them excused. It is usally a fun time, but it is not for everyone. There will be no one left back in the room.
  • Please eat breakfast. We will be leaving at 9 a.m., therefore we will not have much time for a snack before we leave.
  • Lunch will be provided (halal hot dog and chips)
  • Students may wish to bring a larger snack or lunch for later in the day
  • PLEASE DO NOT FORGET WATER BOTTLES and make sure they are labeled with students name.
  • We will do our best to find a shady spot for students to take a break. We will bring some extra water and a few chairs for those that need it. I am currently checking with transportation to see if there is room on the bus for all students to bring a chair if needed. I will update you tomorrow.
  • We will not be in the building after 9 a.m. If your student arrives late, there will be no one in the classroom. Please do not drop off late students on Thursday.