March 16, 2023

Hello! Just a few announcements for today:

  • 1. Zumba will be rescheduled for April or May. It was originally resheduled for tomorrow, forgetting that it was a half day. So, we are back to the drawing board but we will make it happen.
  • 2. Tomorrow is a half day – dismissal is at 11:30
  • 3. We have started a unit on Safety in the Home and the first lesson is on fire safety. We encourage everyone to have a fire plan, a meeting spot, and the correct safety supplies in their home. Students are bringing home an activity we did to discuss all the main points of todays lesson.
  • 4. Students should wear their Modern Greek t-shirt on days they are working at the restaurant. It is considered their uniform and has been requested by the owner.

Upcoming Dates:

March 17 – 1/2 day – Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 27-31 – No School – Spring Break

April 7 – No School

April 20-21 – No School

April 26 – Late Start