January 21, 2022

Hello! It’s been great seeing all of the students returning and we are almost up to a full class again! As you may have heard, the quarantine guidelines have changed, and students are able to return quicker as long as they are fever free and symptoms are improving. Please continue to notify us if your son/daughter tests positive, and we will give you a return date. We will notify you when a positive case has been identified in the classroom, but we are no longer doing contact tracing. (The email will come from administration, not us personally.) If you do get a notice, please monitor your son/daughter for symptoms and keep them home if they become symptomatic. We do have to continue to send students home if they have TWO or more symptoms.

Today and Monday are half days for the students. Tuesday is a full day. If you are looking at the district calendar – we follow the elementary schedule because we are a part of Howe School. I will always put our calendar in the “Upcoming Dates” portion of our blog as well.

We’ve had a few changes to our job site schedule as recently as last night. Red Lobster will no longer be able to host our class. We are so thankful for the opportunities we had there, but due to staff shortages, they aren’t able to do what they originally promised the students. However, when one door closes, another one opens! The owner of Modern Greek also owns the restaurant next door, and he wants our students to work there as well! We will begin new job sites January 31st. This means, all students need a cold lunch for the week of January 24th. (Those going to Modern Greek are used to having lunch at the restaurant.) Once the schedule is complete I will let everyone know where they are working.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday January 24 – Half day – 11:30 dismissal

Tuesday January 25 – FULL DAY

February 9 – Late Start

February 18-22 – No School – Mid Winter Break