September 24, 2021

Hello! We’ve reached the end of September and we are settled into a routine. The classroom day is busy and running smooth! Each day the students rotate between five different groups in the morning, and in the afternoon we have to whole group lessons, along with two fitness activities that students participate in. With all the rain, we have not been able to get outside for a mask break, but I anticipate we will do that again as soon as it dries up. With the cooler weather coming in, it might be a good idea for your son/daughter to keep a light hoodie/jacket in their backpack.

Reminder: Please turn in the applications for Goodwill and the SMART bus. Applications that have already been turned in were picked up by our transition coordinator today. Unfortunately those who choose not to turn them in may miss out on some of our job site and community activities.

Also, please remember to send emergency medications to school with your student if they are required. (Epi pens, seizure medications, etc.) While we are trained to administer medication for these emergencies, we are not medical professionals and we are not in a building that has a school nurse on site. We do worry for the students’ safety when the proper medications are not here, as emergencies can happen at any time.

We have implemented our token system for the classroom. Students start the week with $5, and owe us $1 each time a “rule” is broken. The students and I came up with the rules together as a class and they are posted on our board. At the end of the week, students who still have money left are able to participate in a “reward” day. This could be a movie, classroom games, a special treat, etc. They have done a great job this week and they DO NOT like losing a dollar! Some of the most frequent offenses are: Not wearing a mask, getting out of their seats, and swearing. Honestly this is the first year we’ve had to deal with swearing in the classroom, so if you know your son or daughter swears, please talk to them about it.

Upcoming Dates:

October 8 – Half day

October 13 – Late Start

October 29 – Pizza Party/Halloween Celebration – Details to follow