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Feb. 10th – Feb. 14th

Hello Parents!

Here are our plans for our week before winter break:

Spelling: (ou and ow) Our words are: loud, sound, round, house, cloud, brown, down, frown, crown and scowl. Bonus words: mouth, ground and shower. Our silly sentence is: A loud sound came from a cloud and made the brown mouse frown.

Reading: Non-fiction generating questions to help with understanding of a topic. Also, practicing using context clues to assist with the understanding of more complex vocabulary.

Math: Module 4 assessment is tomorrow.

Writing: Almost all informational/research pieces are completed. They should be in hanging in the hallway by midweek after sharing them with our classmates.

Social Studies: Working together in our community


Friday, February 14th: Celebration of Valentine’s Day. Your children may bring valentines to pass out to their classmates, (25 students). If you wish to send in a little treat, please feel free to do so. I will be providing a little frozen treat to enjoy in the afternoon, along with playing board games, emphasizing our friendships, all part of our Valentine celebration. Bringing in a board game from home is encouraged—please label with your child’s name. Thank you!!!!

Enjoy our winter break!!! If you are traveling have a wonderful and safe trip. School resumes on Monday, February, 24th.


Mrs. Burke

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Feb. 3rd – Feb. 7th

Hello Parents!

Hello February– time to change the calendars, again!

Our Hive Plans:

Spelling: (suffixes, ing, ed, er, and est) Our words are: looked, looking, talked, talking, joked, joking, fastest, faster, biggest, bigger and our bonus words are: stopped, having, making. Our silly sentence is: The biggest and fastest runners were joking around and almost crashed.

Reading: Fiction: Identifying causes (Why did it happen?) and effects (What happened?) within a story.

Math: Completion of Module 4 this week and a planned assessment will probably be on Friday. Keep your eye on your child’s planner. Please continue to practice the addition and subtraction strategies at home—-overall the children are doing well.:)

Writing: Finishing with our informational/research piece of writing on an animal of choice. These will be displayed in the hallway upon completion. We will also be working on a piece for the Brainstormers‘ Assembly. .

Science: Plants

Now for our tidbits:

Math Night: TONIGHT, Monday, February 3rd from 5:30-6:30

Late Start: Wednesday, February 5th

100th Day of School: Thursday, February 6th. I sent a note home, but just a reminder that your child may come to school dressed as a 100 year old. Have fun being creative!!!! Also, to help celebrate our 100th Day, we are making a special snack. Each child has been asked to bring in 100 pieces of a small snack (goldfish, mini pretzels, popcorn, cereal, etc…) in a baggie on Thursday. We will combine all our “treats” and then share them Thursday afternoon. They have fun sorting, creating math problems and then of course, devouring them.:) Thank you in advance for your donations!!!!!

Collection boxes for “Pennies for Patients” will continue to be collected.

That should do it for now, until my next post.

Here’s to a great week!


Mrs. Burke

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Pennies for Patients


The above link can be used for online donations, if you so choose. Again, thank you for all donations!

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Jan. 27th – Jan. 31st

Hello Parents!

Back to our regular schedule—-Here we go!

Spelling: (prefixes): redo, reread, review, preschool, pretest, unable, unlike, untie, dismiss, disagree and bonus words are: misspell, misbehave, misunderstood. Our silly sentence is: Our class had to reread the story because we misunderstood the questions.

Reading: Elements of fiction, along with working on fluency and accuracy while reading .

Writing: We have begun our research for our animal reports utilizing Kid Rex and non-fiction books to fill in our graphic organizers. Our first drafts will be written will be written this week.

Math: Subtraction with 3 digit numbers is our topic for the next 2 weeks—unbundling. Please be sure your children are completing their homework for added practice.

Science: Plants (parts and functions)

PLEASE be sure that your children have mittens and hats for outdoor recess.

Pennies for Patients boxes came home today. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Here’s to a wonderful week!


Mrs. Burke

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Jan. 13th – Jan. 17th

Hello Parents!

A busy Hive this shortened week:

Spelling: contractions Our words: didn’t, he’ll, can’t, they’ve, I’ve, you’ve, we’ll, couldn’t, wouldn’t, and she’ll. Bonus words: let’s, won’t and they’d. Our silly sentence: We couldn’t have our snack before lunch, so we’ll have to enjoy it later.

Reading: Continuation with main idea

Math: Our mid module (4) assessment is on Monday and then onto 2-3 digit addition–composing tens and hundreds.

Writing: Personal narrative– begin a graphic organizer and first drafts

Social Studies: Living together in our community

Our tidbits for the week:

Pancake Dinner: Wednesday, January 17th at 5:30. Hope to see you there!

Breakfast with the Principal: Friday, January 20th

Half Day of school this Friday, no school on Monday and half day on Tuesday.

My plan is to begin NWEA testing this Tuesday (reading) and Wednesday (math). 🙂 Hoping everyone will stay healthy!!!!

Here’s to a great week!


Mrs. Burke

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Jan. 6th – Jan. 10th

Hello Parents!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!!! I hope all families had an enjoyable break. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have a white Christmas or at least one snowfall during our time off to build some snowmen or go sledding, but maybe January and/or February will be our snowy months????????? Time will tell.

This week’s happenings in Hive 108:

Spelling: (er, ir and ur ) Our words: ever, water, after, thirsty, bird, third, first, turn, sure and burst. Our bonus words are: Thursday, different and squirt. The silly sentence is: After the pipe burst, the thirsty bird drank some of the squirting water.

Reading: Folktales and determining the author’s central message (lessons and morals)

Writing: Completion of our opinion writing and we will write a cinquain winter poem

Math: Continued practice with subtraction and addition

Science: Properties of water

Social Studies: Living together in our community


Wednesday, January 8th, P.T.A. meeting at 7:00 pm.

Here’s to a fabulous 2020!!!!


Mrs. Burke

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Dec. 16th – Dec. 20th

Hello Parents!

Are you like me and wondering how can this be the last week of school before the new year? My, my time is zooming by!!!! 2020 is just around the corner. Please remember to take a breath or two during this very hectic time of the year!

Our week’s plans in Hive 108:

Spelling: ar and or patterns: start, dark, part, park, sharp, short, sort, horse, storm and porch. Bonus words: march, party and sport Our silly sentence is: Let’s start to walk to the park before the party begins.

Reading: Continuation with the elements of fiction and summaries with sequenced events.

Math: Strategies/trading with subtraction

Writing: Opinion writing, working on editing our first drafts

Extra Tidbits:

Wednesday: Late start and Pajama Day

Thursday: Crazy sweater day

Friday: Red and Green, Christmas Party and DuVall sing-a-long (2:30)

Christmas Party: Your child does not need a lunch, unless he/she does not like pizza (I will provide), then you should send a sandwich. Thank you to all the families that have signed up to donate a snack for our luncheon.

If your child is participating in the Secret Santa gift exchange, please be sure that their wrapped gift is at school by Friday. Thanks!

Hope to see you at the Sing-a-Long!!!!

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year!!!!!


Mrs. Burke

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Holiday Party Sign Up

Sign Up Genius


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Dec. 9th – Dec. 13th

Hello Parents!

The second week of December???? Where did November go?????

Here are our week’s plans for Hive 108:

Spelling: (scr, spr and str beginning patterns) Our words are: screen, scrape, spring, spread, sprain, struck, string, strike, strong and strange. Our bonus words are: scribble, sprint and street. Our silly sentence is: In the spring, we can scribble and then sprint across the street.

Reading: Author’s purpose and elements of fiction. We will also work on fluency concentrating on using correct punctuation and voice.

Math: Addition and subtraction strategies. Module 4 is a really important module, so please be sure that your child is completing his/her homework, daily. Also, continue to practice number families (addition and subtraction flashcards!!!!) The strategies that the children will be utilizing will be less complicated if their number facts are well practiced/known.

Writing: We just complete a fun seasonal piece…If I were an elf. We will work on graphic organizers and first drafts for our next writing.

Science: Water Cycles and the path of water

Our tidbits:

Wednesday, December 18th: Late Start

Friday, December 20th: DuVall Sing-a-Long at 2:30

Bundle up!


Mrs. Burke

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Nov. 25th – Nov. 26th

Hi Parents!

WOW!!!! We had fabulous participation for our canned food drive. Thank you so much for sharing with those less fortunate. Our class collected over 150 cans for this cause!!! They were very proud!!!

Also, a huge thank you to all our parent chaperones/drivers that volunteered for our field trip. A huge success!

Our Hive plans:

Spelling: In class review of past word lists—-NO test or new list

Reading: Concluding Non-fiction

Writing: First drafts for our winter themed writing

Math: Addition/Subtraction strategies within 200

Science: Earth changes


Mini Spirit Week:

Monday, November 25th: Wear DuVall Penguin wear or black and white

Tuesday, November 26th: Pajama Day

Wednesday, November 27th – Friday, November 29th: No school

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break! You have so much to be thankful for —YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!

Until December….


Mrs. Burke

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