Week of April 27

This weeks lessons are all Mystery Science lessons. Watch the video and then go to the end after the activity to see the wrap up video.

Kindergarten- How can you find animals in the woods? https://mysteryscience.com/secrets/mystery-3/animal-needs-safety/116?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

First grade- Why are polar bears white? https://mysteryscience.com/powers/mystery-3/camouflage-animal-survival/118?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

Second grade- How did a tree travel halfway across the world? https://mysteryscience.com/plants/mystery-1/seed-dispersal/84?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

Third grade- Why do dogs wag their tails? https://mysteryscience.com/animals/mystery-6/animal-groups-survival/265?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

Fourth grade- Will a mountain last forever? https://mysteryscience.com/rocks/mystery-3/weathering-erosion/57?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

Fifth grade- Why would a hawk move to New York? https://mysteryscience.com/ecosystems/mystery-1/food-chains-predators-herbivores-carnivores/119?code=NDI4ODkxMw&t=student

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