Monday, June 1

Tuesday is locker & yearbook pick-up!

I will hold office hours on FRIDAY this week:

6th 3:00-3:20 pm

7th 3:20-3:40 pm

8th 3:40-4:00 pm

This will be your last set of assignments for the school year. Remember to turn in missing work ASAP!

8th grade:

1. Video and Questions: Finding Intercepts Algebraically

2. Videos: Using the Quadratic formula to find Solutions

3. Quadratic Formula Practice Worksheets & Answer Key

4. Extra Videos: Vertical Motion, football, Air Jordan 

5. Drawing of a Projectile-Use the videos to help

6. Vertex Form #3

7th Grade:

1. iReady Interactive: Properties of Functions

2. Marvel Math

3. IXL 8.Z Function Testing (95)

4. IXL 8.Z.3 Variables (95)

5. IXL 8.I.2 Direct Variation (95)

6. IXL 8.I.3 Equations (95)

6th grade:

1. iReady Interactive: Volume with Fractions

2. Finding Volume with Boxes at Home (use video for help) 

3. IXL 6.K.15 Multiply Fractions (95)

4. IXL 6.GG.11 Histograms (95)

5. Grilled Cheese Equations

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