Welcome Back 2020

Welcome Back STEM Families!

If you are in my class this year, you will need a composition notebook and some white copy paper. Get yourself a pencil pouch full of materials for making your interactive notebook awesome! Mine are ready, can’t wait to see everyone on Zoom soon!

Monday, June 1

Tuesday is locker & yearbook pick-up!

I will hold office hours on FRIDAY this week:

6th 3:00-3:20 pm

7th 3:20-3:40 pm

8th 3:40-4:00 pm

This will be your last set of assignments for the school year. Remember to turn in missing work ASAP!

8th grade:

1. Video and Questions: Finding Intercepts Algebraically

2. Videos: Using the Quadratic formula to find Solutions

3. Quadratic Formula Practice Worksheets & Answer Key

4. Extra Videos: Vertical Motion, football, Air Jordan 

5. Drawing of a Projectile-Use the videos to help

6. Vertex Form #3

7th Grade:

1. iReady Interactive: Properties of Functions

2. Marvel Math

3. IXL 8.Z Function Testing (95)

4. IXL 8.Z.3 Variables (95)

5. IXL 8.I.2 Direct Variation (95)

6. IXL 8.I.3 Equations (95)

6th grade:

1. iReady Interactive: Volume with Fractions

2. Finding Volume with Boxes at Home (use video for help) 

3. IXL 6.K.15 Multiply Fractions (95)

4. IXL 6.GG.11 Histograms (95)

5. Grilled Cheese Equations

Locker Pick-Up Information

TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd  (This will be the ONLY pick up day)

Please follow the below directions for the safety of teachers, students, and parents

1.     On the day of pick up, NO students or parents will be allowed in the building. Do NOT get out of your car.

2.     Cars must ENTER through the Warren gate and pull up to door #20 so that your car faces Ann Arbor Trail.

3.     Please tell the teacher on the sidewalk the student you are picking up for.

4.     Have your trunk open, so that teachers have no contact as we deliver your belongings.

5.     Students will return instruments and library books (AKA Ms. Fryzel’s books) that day.

6.     6th and 7th graders can keep instruments over the summer.


10:00 -11:00           6th Graders

11:00 – 12:00          7th Graders

12:00 – 1:00           8th Graders

1:00 – 1:30             Last Chance

Tuesday, May 26

I will hold office hours on Friday from 3-4pm.

8th grade:

1. 3 Forms of a Quadratic Functions

2. Baseball CER

3. Video: Vertex Form of a Quadratic

4. Vertex Form Practice 1

7th grade:

1. iReady Interactive: Linear Functions

2. IXL 7.J.14 & 7.J.15 (95) & Watch the quick videos

3. Function or Not? Google Slides

6th grade:

1. iReady: Surface Area

2. Finding Surface Area: Nets with Dimensions #1

3. IXL 6.EE.3 & 7.Z.2 Nets (95)

Monday, May 18

I will have office hours Monday from 11-12 pm. Here are your assignments for this week:

8th grade:

1. Video & Questions: How to Graph a Quadratic Function

2. Vocabulary Review Worksheet (do on paper and take a pic, or create a doc)

3. IXL A.BB.1 Characteristics of Parabolas (95)

4. Parts of a Parabola

7th grade: Check last week’s Factoring worksheet using my answer key

1. iReady: Intro to Functions Interactive & Quiz (don’t forget to take the quiz)

2. IXL 8.Z.1 Functions (95) Watch the iReady first.

3. IXL 8.Z.10 Read Graphs (95)

4. IXL 6.DD.11 Sim Figures (95)

5. IXL 7.X.17 Similar Figures (95)

6th grade:

1. Watch the Video to help do the assignments: Area of Trapezoids

2. Area of Parallelograms & Trapezoids Worksheet- Count the lengths on the graph paper. You can print this if you prefer, do it on a doc., or scrap paper and take a picture.

3. IXL 6.FF.4 Area of Parallelograms & Trapezoids (95) 

4. IXL 6.FF.6 Area Compound Figures (85) & Video to help you

5. IXL 6.FF.7 Area between Rectangles (95) Subtract the two rectangles


Monday, May 11

I am going to have office hours on Mondays from 11-12, but I will continue to post videos rather than video conferencing on Fridays. You can always email me if you need anything. Here is your work:

8th grade:

  1. Two Truths, One Lie: Exponent Rules
  2. Video: Graphing in Standard Form. Take notes in your notebook.
  3. IXL A.BB.3 Tables (80)
  4. Graphing Quadratic Functions to Find Solutions

7th grade:

  1. iReady Interactive: Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres- to watch this you will need to login to your iReady account on CLEVER. Choose the teacher selected video. It will save your progress and give you a quiz. This is now for a grade and will track your progress.
  2. Finding Volume & Surface Area of Cylinders at Home
  3. IXL 6.DD.10 (95)
  4. IXL 7.X.14 (95)
  5. Factoring WS -You can print,do on paper, or a doc. Posted in Classroom.

6th grade:

  1. iReady Interactive: Area of Polygons- to watch this you will need to login to your iReady account on CLEVER. Choose the teacher selected video. It will save your progress and give you a quiz. This is now for a grade and will track your progress.
  2. Triangle Area Google Form
  3. Area & Perimeter of Parallelograms Slideshow. Slide 1 is notes to read. Slides 2-3 are the problems.
  4. IXL 6.FF.3 Area of Triangles (95)

Monday, May 4

Please make sure you sign up for my iLearn course so we can video chat on Fridays. Directions are in google classroom. Here are the times:

3:00 pm 6th

3:20 pm 7th

3:40 pm 8th

Here are your weekly assignments:


  1. Watch the Video (3 minutes) & Complete the Investigation: Factor Trinomials
  2. IXL A.AA.4 (95) Factor Trinomials
  3. Intro to Quadratic Functions Videos & Questions
  4. Graphing Quadratics Bookwork (use desmos for graphing)


  1. Star Wars Math Challenge
  2. Watch the iReady interactives about Rotation & Dilation
  3. Watch the short videos on Triangle Congruence & Similarity before attempting the IXL
  4. IXL 8.P.14 (85)
  5. IXL 8.P.15 (85)


  1. Watch the quick video: Solving Inequalities Sample Problems (I will show you how to solve an inequality)
  2. Watch the Inequalities videos: Math Dude & Brainpop for more help.
  3. Solving Inequalities Bookwork #1-6,1-8 (you can print this and/or do on paper). Use the answer key to help you and check your work.
  4. IXL 6.AA.4 (95)
  5. IXL 6.BB.10 (95)

Adjusted Office Hours & Hangouts

I have recently posted the enrollment code to join the math iLearn course in my google classroom. Because of the way iLearn’s Big Blue Button (Video Chat) is set up, I will need to split my time into three groups. Each grade will get twenty minutes, here are the new times:

Monday Office Hours for questions, concerns:

8th 11:00-11:20 am

7th 11:20-11:40 am

6th 11:40-12:00 pm

Friday Video Chat (Attendance is strongly suggested):

6th 3:00-3:20 pm

7th 3:20-3:40 pm

8th 3:40-4:00 pm

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