Wednesday, Oct. 6

Today in class the8th graders prepared for tomorrow’s quiz on inequalities. You only have homework if you need to finish the classwork.

Today in class the 6th graders were assigned IXL 6.X.8 (85).

Today in class the 7th graders were assigned IXL 7.J.12 on proportions and need to complete any of these pages at home: p. 37,40,41,42,44.

Monday, Sept. 27

The 8th graders have a quiz tomorrow on solving equations. You may complete the rest of today’s assignments after tomorrow’s quiz.

The 6th graders need to complete IXL 5.DD.11.

The 7th graders need to complete IXL 7.L.7 and the Percent Problems packet at home tonight.

Thursday, Sept. 23

The 8th graders have no assignment today because of NWEA testing.

Any 6th & 7th grader who did not finish the iReady diagnostic needs to complete it at home tonight!

7th graders were assigned IXL 7.J.9 on proportions, and Lesson 20 worksheet. You may complete these at home if you need.

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