Spirit Week

Next week is our Winter Spirit Week. Each day is a different theme. Below is the schedule.

Monday Dec. 16 Tuesday Dec. 17 Wednesday Dec. 18 Thursday Dec. 19 Friday Dec. 20
Ugly Christmas Sweater or Red/Green Day Grinch Day Crazy Christmas Socks Frozen Day/White Out Days Pajama Day  
Wear your ugly Christmas sweater and/or the color red or green Wear anything Grinch themed, dress up like a character from the story, or wear green Dress in your craziest Christmas socks Dress up like your favorite Frozen character or wear white!! Students must pay $1 to wear their pajamas

BRICS Bond Proposal Parent Meeting

Dear Parents,On Friday, October 25, at 9:00 a.m. we will be holding an important parent meeting in the gym. Members from the Superintendent’s office will be coming to Becker to present on the BRICS Bond Proposal that will be on the November 5th ballot. We highly encourage you to attend this very important meeting.  

الأهالي الكرام،

 سيعقد اجتماع مهم للأهالي يوم الجمعة الموافق 25 أكتوبر ، الساعة 9:00 صباحًا في صالة الرياضة. سيأتي أعضاء من مكتب المشرف على مدارس ديربورن إلى بيكر لتقديم اقتراح بوند  البريكس الذي سيكون ضمن الأنتخابات في 5 نوفمبر. نحن نشجعكم بشدة على حضور هذا الاجتماع المهم للغاية.

Pumpkin Exploration

All week we explored pumpkins. We learned about a pumpkin’s life cycle, we described the characteristics of pumpkins, and we each got to explore our own pumpkins. Then of course we painted our pumpkins to end our exploration. The students had a blast! Here are a few pictures.