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How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae

Both first grade classes and our 1/2 split got together on Tuesday to introduce How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae informational writing. Students brainstormed with Mrs. Serazio and discussed the steps of how to make their sundae. Then students actually had the chance to make their own sundae and of course they got to enjoy them as well!

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Some Halloween Fun!!


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Light Experiment

We explored different ways light is able to or not able to pass through objects. We tested out different objects and sorted them into three columns; translucent, transparent, or opaque.

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Pumpkin Exploration and Fun

During the week we had some fun exploring pumpkins! Each day we explored something new about our pumpkins; their adjectives, size, life cycle, etc. We ended the week with a fun activity where we painted a part of the pumpkins.

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All about Sound and Vibrations

We are learning about sound and vibrations. We created kazoos out of toilet paper rolls, wax paper, and rubber bands. We tested out how vibrations make sound. The students really enjoyed making sounds from their kazoos.

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M & M Bar Graphs

We created bar graphs using M&M’s and then answered questions about it. Of course we got to eat our M&M’s after!!

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Short U Bingo

All week have been practice reading words with short u sounds. We enjoyed a little activity where we had to find different friends to read the short u words on our bingo chart.

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1 less 1 more

In math, we worked on finding numbers that are 1 less or 1 more than the given number, using a number line.

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First Week!

We had a great first week of school! We practiced some rules and procedures for our classroom and jumped right into our academics! Can’t wait to see where this year takes us!


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Welcome Back!

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