How to Make a Pumpkin Pie!

Today we worked on How To writing. We teamed up with Mrs. Gomez’s class and discussed the steps on how to make a pumpkin pie. With Mrs. Murray’s help, we mixed the ingredients and baked our mini pumpkin pies. We even had some students stir the mixture. The students all got to enjoy their pumpkin pies after!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Fact or Opinion

We are starting opinion writing. To introduce what an opinion is, we had to learn the difference between fact and opinion. In the spirit of Halloween, we worked on a spider fact or opinion sort. Students worked with partners to figure out if the sentences were a fact or an opinion.


Brainstormers Assembly!

On Friday we had the Brainstormers come out and talk about the different types of writing. Our very own Farah was able to be part of the show and act out one of our other students stories. The students are always excited when the Brainstormers visit Becker.