September 20

Week 4 (Sept 21 – 25)

This week we are finishing our i-Ready diagnostics. We will begin practicing “My Path” students’ individualized lessons that meet their specific needs.

We will begin Lesson 1. “Solve PRoblems Involving Scale”. Students must have their Ready Math Workbook. If you do not have this, please contact the office to schedule a pick up time. It is essential students have their workbooks because we will begin using them on Tuesday.

Synchronous Lessons: Lesson 1 together & Practice Pgs from Workbook for Homework.

Asynchronous Lessons: “My Path” & “Teacher Assigned” Lessons in i-Ready. IXL Lessons

LEARNING LABS BEGIN: this week we will launch our VIRTUAL (Online) Learning Labs. These will take place in the afternoon during our scheduled class time. If it is an A-day, students from 4th and 5th hour may be scheduled to meet with me in a Zoom session for small group instruction. If it is a B-day, students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd hour may be scheduled to meet with me in a Zoom session for small group instruction. (Learning Labs will be used first to provide students time to finish their diagnostic, once all diagnostic testing is completed, then I will reach out to students to let them know they must meet with me.) All students will participate in learning labs. Attendance is mandatory. I should be able to meet with all students within a 2 week period.

NWEA practice will be on Oct 1 (B-day: 4th & 5th) & Oct 2 (A-day: 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

NWEA Testing will be: (1st, 2nd, 3rd) during our Zoom session

  • October 6
  • October 8
  • October 12

NWEA Testing will be: (4th, 5th) during our Zoom session

  • October 5
  • October 7
  • October 9
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September 13

i-Ready Diagnostic

Good evening,

This week students will take the Ready Mathematics Diagnostic. We need your help to encourage your child to put forth their best effort on the i-Ready Diagnostic, especially after the remote learning last spring.  

You may review the video I am sharing in class to help students understand the importance of taking their diagnostic as well as they can. It is NOT a test that they receive a score or a grade. It is figuring out where they need the most support in math. 

Taking the i-Ready Diagnostic Video

I am including a slideshow presentation you should review. Students will be taking this diagnostic at home during our Zoom session. Each student will be placed in their own private Zoom while they are completing their diagnostic. We should complete this diagnostic in 2 Zoom sessions. 

i-Ready Diagnostic Preview Slideshow

If your child has Math in, they will complete their diagnostic on these days during Zoom. 

*Please make sure students are on time for their Zoom sessions as it will take the full hour and begin as soon as we start class.


*Please know that it is important that your child does NOT receive help answering questions on this diagnostic. You would not help read the letters for them on an eye exam, so you would not answer the math questions for them on their diagnostic. 

Online Lessons: “My Path”

If you try your best on the Diagnostic, online lessons will match what you need to learn.

How does the Diagnostic work?

i-Ready is adaptive. This means the questions change based on your answers to earlier questions. You will see questions you won’t know how to answer. That is okay! Some questions will be hard, easy, and just right!

Why is the Diagnostic really important now?

This past spring, you were learning from home. Doing your best on the Diagnostic now will help you and your teacher know what you learned while you were at home and what you are ready to learn. 

What should you do? 

Try your best. Read each question and answer choice carefully. Do not rush, but do not spend too much time on any one question. Remember: Just like when we are at school, your teacher and family cannot help! 

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August 29


Schoology will be available for students Monday morning. Students will sign in using Google (Dearborn Account)

To sign into a Chromebook, students use their district credentials: –

User Name = Student Number-

Password = whatever they set it as last year, we did NOT change any passwords. New students will have their passwords set to their birthday (MMDDYYYY) as per MiStar.

Students can access Schoology from the Student Portal on the district web site (Staff can use the Staff Portal). *Students using district issued Chromebooks will have two tabs open upon start up, the district student portal page AND the Schoology page.

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August 28

Welcome Back Students

Welcome back to another school year at Woodworth Middle School! We hope you had a fun and relaxing summer vacation and are ready to embark on this new year with enthusiasm while having a growth mindset. We are excited to have you and would have preferred to welcome you back in a more traditional way. Unlike other first days of school, this year is going to be different. However, we are positive that together we will get through it!

First, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Mrs. Jillian Bazzi, and I will be your Advisory teacher. I will also be the point of contact for you during this remote learning period. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at the email address I provided below. 

One thing we added this year is grade level teams. We have two teams in 7th and 8th grade– Team A and Team B. Each student will be part of a team and will report to the same group of teachers. Please refer to the table below and your schedule (attached below) to see your team designation based on who your teachers are. You will also find a calendar for the month of September that shows the rotation of days (A/B) so it’s easier to follow. 

Teams 7ATeam 7B
Hojeij,Z– ELA
Pfeil–Advanced Math
Bazzi, J-MATH
Vander Laan-SCIENCE
Pfeil–Advanced Math

By now, you should be able to access your Student Connect account. Use your student ID and password (from last year) to log in to Student Connect and view your schedule. 

Please call the technology department if you do not have your username and/or password. (313) 827-3003.

To make sure that you have all the materials needed for this school year, we will be running a required drive-thru pick-up for all students. Students will get a welcome packet, their math book, amongst other materials. There are roads closed throughout the Woodworth neighborhood. The traffic and distribution will be one way on Hubbard next to door number 7 facing Greenfield. Please plan on arriving during your set time by the beginning letter of your last name; if you are unable to make it during your set time, try to be here when your assigned grade level is here. 

September 1st, 7th Grade  12:00-12:30 A; 12:30-1:00 B-F; 1:00-1:30 G-N; 1:30-2:00 O-Z

Below are links to our first day meeting on Monday, August 31st at 8:15am. This will be our first Advisory session, and I will be able to explain further in detail about the rest of the week. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday virtually. In the meantime, please make sure to sign up to my classroom blog and our school blog:

Email address: 


A2 Zoom Link: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 830 0527 9633

Passcode: 915013

7th/8th Daily Schedule

September 2020
A Day

 B Day
A Day

B Day
No School

No School
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Da
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Day
A Day
B Day
A Day

B Day
A Day

If you have a printer at home, it is highly recommended that you print these schedules out and have them ready and visible for you to follow throughout the day. If you do not have a printer, keep it open as a tab in your browser. 

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June 11

Summer Learning: 480 Minutes Khan Academy

Well, it has come with sadness and elation that we have made it to the end of this crazy school year. I wanted to thank all of you for welcoming into your class and lives as your math teacher. I recognize it was a very difficult year for all of you. Not only because of the coronavirus, but also the influx of teachers you had in math. My hope is that I helped you in some way this year. Please know you may always come back for help or just to say hello. I wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing summer. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall, inshallah (God willing) we will be back in the classroom.

I also must share with all of you Dearborn Public School Summer Learning Plan. All “New” 8th graders must complete 480 minutes of Khan Academy from your current grade level (7th grade). This will be your first grade in the fall. That is ONLY 60 minutes a week! I have included all the documents and Slide explaining the requirements.

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