Mrs. Hickson's Class

Dearborn Public Schools


on June 9, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to the last week of 5th grade! I am so proud of all the hard work you have done this year, especially at home. I am thankful for your efforts and those people that have been helping you through this crazy end of the year. We worked hard and we made it. This year will be something we never forget. You nnow know you are up for anything that comes your way.

This week we will be catching up on all any missing assignments. I will not be posting any new ones. Please take time TODAY, to go through your child’s Google Classroom with them and look for any missing assignments assigned by me. Check assignments as many have been handed in unfinished or blank. Then, open Readworks and check for missing assignments there too. I am looking for all missing assignments to be completed by today at the absolute latest, so I have time to grade them and complete report cards. All missing assignments will be a 0 in the grade book.

Materials Pick-UP News:

If you didn’t have a chance to make it, please plan on coming in today from 10-12 pm. You will need to ring the buzzer and someone will come out to hand you your child’s belongings as well as collect any materials you have that belong to the school/teacher. The drop-off and pick-up will include medications and yearbook/spring pictures (if you ordered). Please remember that Chromebooks will be returned at the start of next year unless your child is a 5th grader or is leaving to another school.

We appreciate your support in getting these materials sorted so that we may begin our summer work to prepare for next year. Any materials not picked up by Thursday will be discarded.

You can continue to take advantage of the resources we have been using until the free subscriptions run out. The kids can log into Raz Kids, Zearn, Knowledge on The Go, and Scholastic News for additional help and practice on skills over the summer. They also can use Khan Academy as well.

Promotion News:

Virtual Ceremony

Our virtual Promotion Ceremony will take place at 9:30 a.m. on June 11th, hosted by the principal and 5th grade staff.  A link to a Google Meet will be sent out the morning of, to the parents email to join.  Our ceremony will consist of the Pledge of Allegiance being read, award winners listed through a Google slideshow, 5th grade speeches being read by 3 students, one from each class, and slideshow of memories. Please limit the log on for our ceremony to your 5th grade only on 1 device, with you watching in the background. This is to ensure safety, avoid maxing out the Google Meet with too many people, and so we can see the fifth graders only on the screen. Thank you for your understanding with our ceremony.

Promotion Bag Pick-Up

This is weather permitting. Following the virtual ceremony, we would like to invite the students to pick up their celebration bags at school.  Each of the classes will be assigned a time slot of 45/45//30 minutes to come.  Mrs. Hickson’s class should arrive from 11:00-11:45, Mrs. Stetz’s class from 11:45-12:30 and Ms. Juntunen’s class from 12:30-1:00.  Please try to come during your assigned time to help the flow and arrangement of bags.

Each car will approach traveling west on Myrtle and turn right to proceed north on Waverly.  Please pull up in front of the school into the bus lane one at a time.   Student’s teacher will be wearing a mask and will hand students their bags containing certificates, 5th grade DVD video, and memory books.  All families will be instructed to stay in the car.  We will ask the families to decorate their cars if they want to, optional, and include your child’s name on a sign of some type.  5th graders should be on the passenger side of the car.

We are excited to celebrate these 5th graders!!

***********Just For Fun!!!!!!*************

It’s time for drawing with JJK!!!

Here’s a fun social studies read aloud!

Let’s learn about Earth’s four spheres today!

We will continue on our journey around North America!

Let’s meet the ostrich at the Cincinnati Zoo!

If your parents give you permission, try some of these fun science experiments!

Finally, we have a fun read aloud to finish the day!

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