Mrs. Hickson's Class

Dearborn Public Schools


on June 8, 2020

We have several items we need returned to Lindbergh. Please check out this post and see if you have any of these items.

Students each received at least one of these books for reading group on March 13th. Students did writing assignments based on the books so everyone had one at home in March. After our material drop off day, we are still missing more than half of them. Please check your rooms, backpacks, shelves etc. These books are from the Lindbergh book room and need to be returned there.

We are missing quite a few safety belts. Please check backpacks etc. and return any you find to Lindbergh.

Our classroom is also missing at least one of each of the books pictured below. These are from our LLI kit and cannot be replaced. Please check backpacks, folders, and binders. If you find these items, please return them to Lindbergh.

One Response to “MISSING!!!”

  1. Amanda LeFranc says:

    I dropped Zachary’s copy of The Wright 3 in Mrs. Stetz’s basket as her name was on it. It’s in a Ziplock labeled with his name.

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