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Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday, January 10, 2020 Mrs. Ballnik’s Classroom News     My email is

Important Dates –Thank-you for helping with the NWEA computer tests.  Everyone went up in math.  Some by many points and some just one point, but they all went up.  Our last NWEA test will be in May, so there is time to keep helping your child understand the homework. 

Math help- Try this Eureka math help and games to make your child a top math student-     It is also on my BLOG.   

SCIENCE – We are learning about bodies of water and landforms (earth science) in our unit.

SPELLING WORDS FOR NEXT WEEK ARE different consonant digraph words.   Please continue to point out the pattern of the spelling words each week and help your child discover words with these patterns in their reading.  Soon, your child will be pointing these out to you, if they do not already.  A good idea is to get a blank notebook and keep a list.  Send them in for extra credit.

The words will be: shine, fresh, flash, bench, trash, change, wash, then, white, thank, shoe, what, check, bench, chunk.

Social Studies– We started our new unit, How Do Citizens Live Together in a Community?  It covers diversity and also government.

Thank-you  for making sure that your child reads with you at home.

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