It’s been a great year!

Finishing up the last week of school and looking at how much progress we’ve made! I hope everyone has a great summer. Enjoy time with your friends and family, rest, relax, and read!

If you have any questions over the summer, just send me an email. All of the links that we used in class can be found in the list on the right, so be sure to use them to learn and enjoy.

Have a great summer everyone!

The students below are enjoying the ice cream party they earned for staying on task all year in their media classes!

students putting sprinkles on ice cream students at table eating ice cream  


At Henry Ford we studied the book The Inventor’s Secret and learned about Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. They were both great inventors, and their secret to success was Keep At It! Never give up, if you have an idea or dream, just keep working at it. We then made illustrations of some inventions that would be great to create. There were many awesome ideas!

Kindness Counts

It’s always important to be kind.  At Henry Ford Elementary we’re discussing how we can be kind, and we even have a kindness pledge that we say!

Below are some of the books that we studied to learn ways to be kind and not hurtful to others.  Try our best every day!

four books sitting on a tabletop in a library

Stout Book Club

The Stout Book Club meets at lunch, every Friday, for several weeks.  We’re reading the book When and the Harry Potter series.  The students are doing a great job reading the books and discussing their favorite characters and highlights of the plots.  We’re discussing a summary project to review the books.  Stay tuned!

2 books laying on a tabletop

March is Reading Month!

tabletop display of 5 Mo Willems Books    Tabletop display of 3 St. Patricks Day books

March is Reading Month, or as I like to call it, March is read even MORE Month!  At Henry Ford Elementary our theme was poetry.  We learned about different forms or poetry, read many great books, and enjoyed the guest readers who shared their time and talents with us!  At Stout Middle School we read read many great books also, and we started a book club!  Keep up the great work everyone!!


We’ve been exploring MEL.ORG, the Michigan Electronic Library. We used PebbleGo in the Kids section of MEL to learn about science and social studies. Take a look and learn some new fun facts!