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Friday, December 6, 2019

Friday, December 6, 2019 Mrs. Ballnik’s Classroom News     My email is

Math help- Try this Eureka math help and games to make your child a top math student-     It is also on my BLOG.

Upcoming Dates – Look at the school newspaper coming home today from Mrs. Srour, our principal.

The First Thanksgiving Play- Thank-you to everyone that were able to come to the Thanksgiving play.  I am so proud of the students.  We really do not work on the play for a long time and they did a great job!  Thank-you for listening to the Thanksgiving reports that they brought home and returned to school for credit.  These were in orange paper.  This is the way I have your child tells you what they do in school.  They also understand that your interest makes what they do in school important.  Lastly, when your child remembers what they did and explains it to others, they use a higher form of reasoning.  Many of you do this each day.

Please keep asking your child what they did in school.  Don’t except “nothing”,  for an answer.  Thank- you for extending the lessons by holding your child accountable for the learning.  Be sure that there is reading, spelling practice and math homework each day, also.  We have some wonderful parents in this class that really help their children succeed!

SCIENCE – We are learning about bodies of water and landforms (earth science) in our unit.

SPELLING WORDS FOR NEXT WEEK ARE again with endings –s, -ed, -ing.  Please continue to point out the pattern of the spelling words each week and help your child discover words with these patterns in their reading.  Soon, your child will be pointing these out to you, if they do not already.  A good idea is to get a blank notebook and keep a list.  Send them in for extra credit.

The words will be: filled, filling, twisted, jumped, locking, saved, saving, saves, slip, slipping, slips, wink, winking, winked, resting.

Social Studies– Our unit is, “Where my community and what is it like?”  received extra credit for We are learning about direction words and maps.  I am still accepting maps of bedrooms.  Several students doing these. We created a map of our community, Dearborn.    

   We are talking about the directions north, south, east and west, as well as, directions such as, above, over, under, beside, and next to.  See if your child can answer questions that you ask them with these words.   Try hiding something and use spatial words to guide your child to finding it.  Then have your child do it for you and ask your child to use the language (over, under, behind,…)     

Happy Birthday to Haidar Saad!

Happy Birthday to Haseeb Saad!

Happy Birthday to Fatima Toure!

Congratulations to Shahab Aldalali for being the student of the month of December!

Congratulations to Serein Barakat for being the past Star Student of our class!

Congratulations to  Ali Mourad  for being the current Star Student of the class!

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