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Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2019 Mrs. Ballnik’s Classroom News     My email is

Math help- Try this Eureka math help and games to make your child a top math student-     It is also on my BLOG.

Upcoming Dates – Wednesday December 18- late start

Dec. 23 – Jan. 3- no school

When we return, we will have the computer NWEA or MAP tests in January.  I will send a math packet home to go over with your child.  There are things that we will learn in spring, but if your child has some exposure to them (time, shapes, fractions, money, multiplication, division …), it will increase their score.  Again, we will be touching on all of these math subjects during the rest of the year.  Please send back the packet for credit, when you return on January 6.  I will also send the old math book home to keep.  There are pages that we did not do that can be done for practice, also.

     Ask your child if they read every day.  Some students that are not on grade level are telling me that they are not reading every day.  Practice is the most important thing when learning to read.  Please make sure that your child does this during the break.

SCIENCE – We continue to learn about bodies of water and landforms (earth science) in our unit.

SPELLING WORDS FOR NEXT WEEK ARE again with endings –s, -ed, -ing.  Please continue to point out the pattern of the spelling words each week and help your child discover words with these patterns in their reading.  Soon, your child will be pointing these out to you, if they do not already.  A good idea is to get a blank notebook and keep a list.  Send them in for extra credit.

The words will be: jokes, joked, joking, dumps, dumped, dumping, lives, living, lived, claps, clapping clapped, walks, walking, walked. 

Social Studies– Our unit is, “Where my community and what is it like?”   We are talking about the directions north, south, east and west, as well as, directions such as, above, over, under, beside, and next to.  See if your child can answer questions that you ask them with these words.

Congratulations to Faiz Elkhali for being the current Star Student of the class!

Monday is pj day for the school.

Friday is candy cane color day for the school.  It means wear red and white, if you want to.  I make Friday afternoon a special day.

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