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Friday, November 22, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

Mrs. Ballnik’s Classroom News     My email is

Parent Conferences –Thank-you to the parents that I have seen at parent conferences so far!  It is so nice to talk to you about your wonderful children. 

Can Goods are accepted for the needy.  Please send in can or box food.

Math help- Try this Eureka math help and games to make your child a top math student-     It is also on my BLOG.

The First Thanksgiving Play- The students have written what they will say in the First Thanksgiving play that we will put on.  Please reserve Tuesday, November 26 at either 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. to come and see your child put on this play.  It is a simple play that they write, make paper hat costumes, simple props and settings as well as, learn many things about history, reading with expression and working together.  Please come if you can, or send a representative, so your child is not disappointed.  It should be less than a half hour and is done in my classroom 202 main.

SCIENCE – We are learning about the uses and properties of water for our next unit.

PLANNERS– Please send these every day because we use them. The spelling words will be written in them, also. There is a charge, if a planner is lost.

SPELLING WORDS FOR NEXT WEEK ARE again with endings –s, -ed, -ing.  Please continue to point out the pattern of the spelling words each week and help your child discover words with these patterns in their reading.  Soon, your child will be pointing these out to you, if they do not already.  A good idea is to get a blank notebook and keep a list.  Send them in for extra credit.

The words will be: like, waved, ripped, dragged, swimming, raced, baking, flipped, flips, flipping, bakes, rips, ripping, likes, liking.

Social Studies– Our unit is, “Where my community and what is it like?”  We are learning about direction words and maps.  I am still accepting maps of bedrooms.  Several students received extra credit for doing these. We also have looked at where on the map that the pilgrim voyage would be.    

   We are talking about the directions north, south, east and west, as well as, directions such as, above, over, under, beside, and next to.  See if your child can answer questions that you ask them with these words.        

    Please continue to point out the names of streets in your neighborhood and make sure that your child can say his/her address.  

Happy Birthday to Hassan Wazni!

     Have a fantastic weekend with your wonderful child and I hope to see you at the play,

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