Important Info. 9-14-20

Hello parents and students,

From 1:00-1:55 student should be working on music assignments found under the music course. 

From 1:55-3:50 students are workin independent on assignments that are due daily. The folder will close at midnight and they can’t submit assignments. 

Under the week 3 folder, there are directions for Monday. Make sure your child completes the assignment. Please do not type for them or do the work, this will not help their brain grow, trust me! 

If you need help to submit assignment or upload a photo on chromebook, watch the video found under the How To folder. We watched them during our live session but some students may want to rewatch them. 

I am meeting students in groups to help them further. They will be live with me for 20 minutes using the same Zoom link for am/pm. 

Group 1- 2:00-2:20

Jamil, Hawra, Ali. B, Moussa, Mohammed, Alex, Kylie 

Group 2- 2:25-2:45 

Hussein, Fatima, Chrestin, Ali H., Hassan, Ahmed, Heavyn 

Group 3- 2:50-3:10

Layla, Farah, Ali A., Zeina B., Zena H., Adnan, Rislan, Zayn 

If you have any questions, please let me know 🙂 

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