PE Google classroom codes

Hello everyone, hopefully you are all doing well, and your families are staying healthy!

From now until the end of school we will be doing assignments on google classroom. Please go to google classroom and enter the code that corresponds to your hour to join the class. All work from now until the end of the school year will be graded.

2nd hour- 7frdiyv

3rd hour- mzzbfwj

5th hour- hidqxj7

Please email me if you have any questions!

~Mr. Antonazzo

Screen shots of the final project

Hello computer app’s classes, I uploaded some screen shots of the final project to google classroom.

This is what your document should look like when it’s complete.

It’s also what I have been showing on the board all week.

I hope it helps!

~Mr. Antonazzo

Computer app’s class announcement

1st and 6th hour computer apps classes will continue even though we cannot meet face to face.

I will post two assignments every week, probably every Tuesday, and Thursday. You will have 2 days to complete the assignments. Your unit 2 projects will still be due on their respective due dates.

I will try to upload a picture of what the completed google document will look like for you to use as a reference.

Please be safe!

Mr. Antonazzo

Online PE learning March 13- April 5

During the Corona virus recess all students are expected to complete daily assignments on google classroom.

You need to go to google classroom and enter the following code to join the class.

Code- xyftj2o

***In the code the last digit is the letter o, not the number zero***

Once you have access to the class you need click on “classroom” to find my name, Mr. Antonazzo, and your hour. All your assignments will be listed there, as well as the due dates. You are expected to fill out a weekly reflection about the physical activity you are doing and your food intake while we are not in school.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be checking the site daily. You can either email me or send me a private message on google classroom.

Be safe!

Mr. Antonazzo