Schoology Update

Good morning,

This weekend I worked to try and make Schoology easier for parents to submit assignments in. I’ve mainstreamed the weeks work into one folder, instead of having to click around to different assignments. I’m hoping that this is easier for everyone. Please let me know if you have any issues submitting. We are all learning these programs together, so I appreciate your feedback.

Running Out of Books for Independent Reading?

Scholastic Books may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

NEW! During the COVID-19 crisis, you can choose to have your child’s online book order shipped right to your door.

All orders earn FREE Books for our class—thank you for your support!

Class Order Due Date: 10/09/2020

Connect to Our Class Page:

Shop the flyers with your child:

Please feel free to forward the Class Page link to extended family and friends who may want to support your child’s reading.

Mrs. Al-Zaharnah

Class Code: PH24X

Due to CoVid-19, I will only be doing Scholastic Book orders online for the entire year. Payments will have to be made on the website and books will have to be delivered to your house. Thank you for understanding.

NWEA – Math

Hello families,

We are going to take the NWEA math portion on Wednesday, September 30th.

We will start at 8:55, even though this is our ELA time. It will allow students a longer time to work on their test. Also, I will need all parents to be there first thing, again, to help the students log in.

I suspect it will go much smoother this time. Please watch for an email Wednesday morning with further instructions.

Once NWEA Reading, NWEA math, and Reading assessments are complete, I will reach out to each family individually with your child’s scores and what they mean.


Hi families,

You beat me to your supplies. I purchased books for all my students but it looks like most of you already came and got your supplies. If you’d like to swing back around to get your child’s book, I’ll be here until 1pm.

Important! – Info for Friday

Please don’t forget that tomorrow we will start NWEA testing. Here is a checklist of what to have ready.

  1. Please have your child in a comfortable spot for testing.
  2. If you child has headphones, please have them near your child so they can access them quickly.
  3. Please be on time. We start at 8:55. Students who enter late will not have as much time to finish.
  4. Please make sure you went through the steps to take the PopUp Blocker off your computer.
  5. Please make sure your child is in a room without any distractions – including you. As hard as it is to want to watch them test or help them out please do not (I get it, it’s hard for me as a teacher to watch them). Students need to show what they know and what they need support in.
  6. Please make sure there is a grown up nearby for the first 10 minutes of testing to make sure everything is set up on your end.

Also – please don’t forget that there is supply pick up tomorrow. Here is the schedule:

5th – 9-10

4th 10-11

3rd 11-12

2nd 12-1

1st 1-2

KDG 2-3

Supply Pick Up and NWEA – Friday

Hello families,

This Friday is going to be a busy day as we are double booked.

Friday AM – Students will be taking the NWEA. If you have not done so already, please check the PopUp blocker on your child’s computer. I emailed directions yesterday and I uploaded a video into the parent folder on Schoology. Administering a standardized test to 28 2nd graders is going to be hard enough. Having to walk a 2nd grader though a PopUp blocker seems like an impossible feat. It would help me out so much if you do this before Friday morning. Thanks!!!

Friday PM– We will be distributing 2nd grade required materials. Thank you for your patience as we have gathered more supplies and are ready for the next distribution.  The schedule for supply pick up as follows:  

5th – 9-10

4th 10-11

3rd 11-12

2nd 12-1

1st 1-2

KDG 2-3
Please make sure to come at the correct time for the materials. We understand you may have to come twice, but we are trying to avoid the 2 hour wait that happened during Chromebook Pick up. Please only ask for the specific grade materials when you come.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Half Day – RazKids

Today was a half day so I dismissed students earlier than usual.

Their only task today is to take the placement test on RazKids. They can do this by logging into RazKids. As soon as they login, have them click the middle of the screen <Reading>. Then, the robot will ask them to answer a few questions. Please let them do this independently with no help. This will help us to find them the best fitting books and so that I know where they are starting this year off, reading wise.

If you need help logging into RazKids, please scroll down to September 11th. I have all the information for logging in on that blog post.

Thanks! And, have a great weekend!