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Good afternoon parents,

Students are coming home with their Module 3 math tests todayfor you to review and sign. They should bring these backtomorrow to put into their data binders.

Also, we have completed all out modules for the currentworkbooks we have been using, so students are bringing hometheir classroom workbook and homework one. They do not needto do anything in these books, but I told them they are greatpractice books, especially for over holiday break.

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Book orders due Wednesday, December 12.

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Good morning,

I am looking ahead to future science experiments and made a listof some items we will need. If you have any of these lying aroundyour house and you’d like to donate them, it would be extremelyappreciated. We would need them by Friday of next week:

10 Paper Plates
10 Plastic Plates
20 Solo Plastic Cups
10 Small Plastic Condiment Cups
Sticky Tack
20 3-oz Cups (Dixie cups or smaller)
Cotton balls

Thank you, in advance. 🙂

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Good morning parents,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Here is some updates about our busy week.

***Wednesday afternoon in our school parade starting at 2:30. Students will parade their costumes around our school track. Here are some reminders for Wednesday:

1. Please send your child in his/her regular school clothes to avoid them getting anything on their costumes at lunch.

2. Please send their whole costume in a bag that is clearly marked with your child’s name on it. Oftentimes students have the same size in the same costume.

3. Please make sure your child can change into his/her costume on their own.

4. Please do not send students to school with toy weapons, even if it is part of their costume. They will not be able to have these out at school.

Don’t forget- Friday is a half day.

Thursday students will be having a quiz in math.
Students will have to do the following:
1. Write a word in written form, unit form, and expanded form.

2. Read and solve money story problems (that include figuring out how many tens are in multiples of hundreds- for example, how many $10s are in $300.)

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In the spirit of Halloween, River Oaks staff have been busy decorating pumpkins to be raffled off. Students can purchase tickets for a chance to win a pumpkin. Tickets will cost 25 cents each.

Tickets can be purchased on October 22nd through October 26th.

Drawing for pumpkins will be Friday afternoon (October 26).

All funds will go to help pay for field trip expenses.

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Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that the students will have their first science testtomorrow. A copy of the study guide is located down below inClass Story. The test will be multiple choice.

Also, in order to try and make things easier, I had the students ripout all of their homework for the week to bring home today. Eachday I will let them know which lesson homework they should workon. For example, today they will work on Lesson 2, tomorrowLesson 3, and Thursday Lesson 4.

They should turn in their math homework packet on Friday fortheir homework credit.

I had a few students ask if they can do their entire packet tonightand I told them that they should not do so. Each day we learn theessential skills needed to do the homework for that night, so ifthey are working ahead students might miss important skills orinstructions.

Hopefully this will help. 🙂


**This message was copied from Class DoJo. Please see Class Dojo for more information.

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Class Dojo



Thank you all for signing up with Class Dojo. We now have 100% parent participation using this app.

You will find that I update you daily with information and quite often with pictures of what is happening in class. Don’t forget to check Dojo for messages.

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Reading- How to ask questions before, during, and after reading.

Writing- How to write recipes and reviews.

Math- Using a ruler

Science- Material/Property Changes**

Social Studies- Why do we live in a community?

**We have another science experiment coming up. We will be learning about melting points and how melting changes solids. If you have these items lying around and can donate them before next Monday that would be wonderful!!

We need:
– Small containers with lids (like the tupperware at the dollar store or that you get from the deli)
-A small bag of jelly beans
-A small bag of gummy worms
-A small bag of caramels



**Make sure to check DOJO for daily updates and messages.

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Please check Class Dojo for daily updates!

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