Parent Meetings with Mr. Martin

Hello parents – Here are some dates to mark in your calendar for parent meetings with Mr. Martin. As the dates get closer, I will include Zoom links. 

Thursday December 10th @ 1:30 – 2nd grade 

Friday December 11th – @ 1:30 – KDG and @ 2:30 – 1st grade 

Monday December 14th – @ 1:30 4th grade 

Tuesday December 15 = @ 1:30 – 3rd grade and @ 2:30- 5th grade  

Accessing Parent Connect to See Report Cards

How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password; this is how it is obtained: Parents go to the Dearborn Schools’ website ( and then the ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click the (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address (as provided to the school and entered in MIStar), and then click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password. After logging in, click on the “report card marks” module.

Math Test Scores

Friday’s math test scores are now posted and available. To see your child’s score please do the following steps:

  1. Log into Schoology.
  2. Click on InSync.
  3. Log in with Google.
  4. Click on “reports” on the left hand side of the screen.
  5. Find Module 2 End of Module Assessment and click on it.
  6. Review their scores.

Possible Tutoring

Hi parents,

I just came across this and thought I would share it. It seems you may be able to sign up for tutoring support with Grand Valley State.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with this program or school. Nor have I looked further than reading the directions for signing up. If you’re interested, please read through the website and contact the facility for further information.

Library Check Out

YAYY!!! Next week we will be opening our school library for book check out! I know many of you have been asking about it. Here is the information from Mrs. Ackerman:

Letting you know that we’re going to be starting “Curbside Checkout” next week.  Students will be able to place holds on library books and I’ll have them ready for pickup on Thursday, the day I’m at River Oaks.  
I’ll start teaching them how to use the Destiny Library program to search the collection and place a hold in our lessons this week.  I’m sure there will be glitches and a few bumps in the road, but our kids need to have books, it will work out fine.  They will check them out one week and return them the next.

Mrs. Ackerman is your child’s media teacher so it sounds like they will be learning how to use the Destiny Library program during their Media special (Thursdays at 1pm). For more information, please reach out to Mrs. Ackerman:

How to log into InSync to take the math quiz

I just uploaded a tutorial on Schoology for how to log into InSync to find your child’s math quiz. When you click on the link in Schoology, please click on the blue hyper link at the top so that you do not need to enter a passcode.

If your child has already completed it, please disregard this. However, you may want to still log into InSync to check that it is completed. I see many students whose quizzes are still “active” which means they did not complete all the questions or did not click <review> and <finish>.

Thanks for all your support as we work through these new programs together. This was my first time using the site as well and so I appreciated student feedback as well as the parents that logged into Zoom to work with me through their end of things.

Schoology Email

Good morning,

You may have received an email this morning from Mr. Troy Patterson that involves a username and password for Schoology. This is to access your parent account on the website. Here are some tips that were sent to us.

Parents go to a different URL than students. 
– Parents will go to *- Students (and teachers) will still go to

Once the parents login in, they should change their password. (Their user name will be the same as their Parent Connect user name with a P before the number. Thus, if their Parent Connect user name is 1234567, their Schoology user name will be p1234567)

There is a post with information for parents on the Home Learning Hub (including a translated version of the email).