The spelling words for the week of May 6th are:

Irregular Plural Nouns

  1. woman
  2. women
  3. goose
  4. geese
  5. mouse
  6. mice
  7. horizontal
  8. rows
  9. seedling
  10. appear
  11. suddenly
  12. decided
  13. impossible
  14. though
  15. thought
  16. signal

Please practice these words with your child. They will have four words that follow the same pattern. The spelling test is on Friday!







Student of the Month


Tamara Cheaitou

Tamara has displayed leadership qualities and is an excellent example for her peers.  She is a diligent worker, follows school rules/expectations and always presents her absolute best. 

Thank you Tamara for being an exemplary student and an outstanding  Geer Park role model!