Kindergarten Jump Start

All kindergarten and young 5 students are invited to Jump Start, Monday, August 19, 9:00-12:00.

Students and parents will follow the schedule below:

9:15 – 10:55 Specials Class Rotations  (music, gym, art)

9:15 – 9:45 Principal Presentation for Parents

11:00 – 11:55 Student/Parent activities in Gym / Parents meet children in HR

12:00 Sign out and dismissal

  • Parents are free to leave from 9:45 – 11:00 or may stay in the Media Center

Summer Requirements…

Hello parents,

Students received the summer calendar with a notebook. The calendar and the notebook will have to be returned to their third grade teacher. 

In addition to the calendar it is suggested that students use Study Island, MobyMax and Zearn since they’re active during the summer.

Thank you! 

The Final Week…

Monday, June 10: Field day in the morning, a truck from the fire department will come in the afternoon (2:30) to spray the students. I encourage you to send a towel with your child.

Tuesday, June 11th: Second grade picnic in the morning (10:00-12:41) Students will not make lunch choice the morning of June 11th.

Wednesday, June 12th: Second graders will be going to the Diamond Jack’s boat trip. Chaperones will be coming to the classroom at 9:15.

Parents chaperoning  need to check with Mrs. Dawson if they have an Ichat completed, if parents don’t have an Ichat completed they will not be able to attend. 

Parents can ride on bus or drive separately. 

Wednesday is also the reflection ceremony at stout at 5:30, please try to attend. 

Friday, June 14th: Last day of the school year!! It will be a half day, dismissal is at 11:45.




A Letter from Mrs. Srour

June 7, 2019


Dear Geer Park Families,


I am blessed to have been at Geer Park since the doors opened in 2005 and have had the honor serving as its principal for the past six years. Throughout this time, we collectively excelled as we have earned state recognition for being a top performing school more than once, developed a staff that is committed and knowledgeable in best practices, and most importantly, nurtured our Geer Park stars to become high achieving, confident and well-rounded community citizens.  I am proud of the role I played in making our school a model in so many ways.


As the district continues to grow and move forward, needs and goals evolve along the way. A part of this change includes shifts in leadership.  It is time for me to move on within the district and serve students beyond our Geer Park community. While this was not an easy decision, our district leaders and myself are confident that Geer Park – its parents, students and staff – will continue to thrive.


On a personal note, I am leaving feeling blessed and humbled to have built relationships with you and to have made many, many memories. You are and will always be family to me.


To our PTA, your support, hard work and commitment to me and our Geer Park families and staff has made our school a special place to be. Our community is lucky to have you!


I will forever be thankful for this time we’ve had together.



Lamis Srour


Geer Park Elementary


7 يونيو 2019

عزيزي جير بارك العائلات ،

لقد أنعم الله على وجوده في جير بارك منذ أن فتحت الأبواب في عام 2005 وكان لي الشرف كمديرة لها على مدار السنوات الست الماضية. طوال هذا الوقت ، برعنا بشكل جماعي حيث حصلنا على تقدير الدولة لكونها مدرسة عالية الأداء أكثر من مرة ، وقمنا بتطوير فريق ملتزم ودراية بأفضل الممارسات ، والأهم من ذلك ، رعى نجومنا في جير بارك ليحققوا إنجازًا عاليًا وواثقًا والمواطنين المجتمع جيدا. أنا فخوره بالدور الذي لعبته في جعل مدرستنا نموذجًا بعدة طرق.

مع استمرار الحي في النمو والمضي قدمًا ، تتطور الاحتياجات والأهداف على طول الطريق. جزء من هذا التغيير يشمل التحولات في القيادة. لقد حان الوقت بالنسبة لي للمضي قدمًا في المنطقة وخدمة الطلاب خارج مجتمع جير بارك. على الرغم من أن هذا لم يكن قرارًا سهلاً ، فإن قادة منطقتنا وأنا واثقون من أن جير بارك – أولياء الأمور والطلاب والموظفون – سوف يستمرون في الازدهار.

على صعيد شخصي ، أترك الشعور المبارك والتواضع لبناء علاقات معك والكثير من الذكريات. أنت وستظل دائمًا عائلة لي.

إلى مجموعة أولياء الأمور والمعلمين الخاصة بنا ، فقد جعل دعمك وعملك الدؤوب والتزامك تجاهي وعائلاتنا وموظفو جير بارك من مدرستنا مكانًا خاصًا. مجتمعنا محظوظ أن يكون لك!

سأكون ممتنًا إلى الأبد على هذه الفترة التي قضيناها معًا.


لميس سرور

مديرة مدرسة

جير بارك الابتدائية

Diamond Jack Riverboat Chaperones

Dear Parents,
Listed below are the parents that turned in forms to chaperone for the Diamond Jack River Boat field trip.  The parents in green are the parents that were chosen from the lottery.

The last three parents (in red) are on a waiting list. Once we have a headcount of students attending the trip, you will be notified in the order that you are listed below.

Mrs. Srour’s highlighted green list:

**Madison Jones

**Hajer Majrad

**Donald Carpenter

**Sultan Alobathani

**Zeinab Atieh

**Ahmad Alsharafi


Waiting List:

Sali Serbali

Tamara Cheitou

Gheth Alktuf

Thank you for your participation and support, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs. Alhusaini


The spelling words for the week of May 28th are: 

Irregular past tense verbs

  1. hid

  2. went

  3. wrote

  4. spoke

  5. sold

  6. stood

  7. told

  8. made

  9. gone

  10. began

Please practice these words with your child. The spelling test is on Friday!