The spelling words for the week of Sept. 24

CVCe-i and CVC i

  1. did
  2. fin
  3. fine
  4. pick
  5. hike
  6.  together
  7. own
  8. carry
  9. kind
  10. been
  11. safety
  12. boat
  13. government
  14. human
  15. physical

Please practice these words with your child. In addition to this list students will have five words following the pattern.   Spelling test will be on Friday!



The Green party is on Friday!

Hello parents,

We will have our green party this Friday.  Celebration will occur for all students who have remained on green or have only moved to yellow a maximum of three times. Any student given detention is excluded.

Students are welcome to bring any board game they have and a snack. Please make sure that your child’s name is written on their  games. 

Thank you for all your support!



This Week…

Wednesday, Sept. 26 @2:00: All School Assembly, Pistons Fundraising

Thursday, Sept. 27: Smoke on the Grill (See Mrs. Srour by Monday for tickets)

Friday, Sept 28: Green party

Students will be bringing home their social studies notebooks to start studying for our social studies test. The test will be some time next week, I will let you know the exact date:)