Read Aloud Youtube Series

To continue nurturing our young minds while they are at home from school, Representative Abdullah Hammoud has launched what will now be a series of different guests readers who will read their favorite children’s book via YouTube. Tune in and watch the first video in the series, “Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors,”  read by Representative Abdullah Hammoud.

Letter from the Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent

March 20, 2020


“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

This famous movie quote from The Wizard of OZ is spoken by Dorothy when she realizes that she is no longer in the safety of her farm house in Kansas but rather has been chaotically thrown into the unfamiliar and somewhat bizarre land of Oz.  Sound Familiar? 

Major events have been cancelled; restaurants, malls, and other businesses closed; and “Social Distancing”, and “Flattening the Curve” have become the trending phrases of the day. In just one short week our daily routines have changed and we are still getting used to a different way of life. Amongst all of this change, parents have had to add the role of teacher to their other responsibilities. I want to thank all of our parents for the support and kind words that have been shared with us during the past week. We appreciate all that parents are doing to support our new way of learning for the weeks ahead. 

Of course, there wouldn’t be any on-line lessons, virtual classrooms, or remote learning if not for the incredible work of our teachers. Almost overnight they transformed our schools by creating lessons, developing plans, and moving their classrooms from the confines of four walls to the openness of the internet.  I cannot thank and compliment them enough for the outstanding work they have done to ensure our students will have meaningful learning experiences while our buildings are closed. 

The learning may not look the same for each school or even each grade, but what is common is the connection these teachers are making with their students. That can be difficult to do through a computer screen, and yet our teachers are doing it.  They do it by sharing personal stories; photos and videos of their pets, children or hobbies; and by demonstrating how learning can happen anywhere at any time. They are doing it because they are passionate about teaching and have the expertise in their field. I appreciate all of their hard work and commitment to our students.   

There are so many people to thank for all they have done this past week. Our administrators, our engineers, crisis team, union heads, custodial staff, all district staff, and of course the hard working team in our technology department. Mr. Troy Patterson and his entire team have done, and continue to do, a tremendous job of supporting the technology needs of our teachers and students. In addition, they were instrumental in distributing more than 5,000 chrome books to students this past week. 

When it comes to distributing items to the students no one does it better than our Food Service department. This week  Mr. Jeff Murphy, Mr Josh Bains, and their entire team in the Food Service department were able to provide more than 35,000 meals to students in our district, 20,000 being handed out on Friday alone.  Thank you to everyone who was part of that program including the dozens of volunteers coordinated by our PTA.  

We are scheduled to return to our buildings and our classrooms on April 13th. As we have been saying all along, this situation is ever changing and we all must be patient to see if our efforts will help to slow the spread of this virus.  We must continue to follow the recommendations of our healthcare professionals. This means avoiding groups of more than 10, keeping our social distance, washing hands, covering our mouth when coughing or sneezing, and of course if we are not feeling well, please stay in your home.     

Starting Monday, March 23, the Administrative Service Center will no longer be open but, just like our schools, the work will continue.  Our staff will transition to working at home and to make sure we continue to deliver services to the public, I would like to share the following contact numbers and emails: 

As we increase the number of people being tested for COVID-19 there will most likely be more reported cases.  The whole point to all of the closures and cancellations is to keep people from gathering in large groups so that we don’t spread the COVID-19 virus. It’s not to stop it, cure it, or end it…only slow it down. In a few weeks, we can evaluate the situation, consideration recommendations from the state and county, and with the information available to us make decisions about the remainder of the school year.  

It is the uncertainty that is most frustrating for most people. People like to have deadlines, goals, a beginning and an end. With the current state of affairs we don’t have that. We only have “wait and see” with no real conclusion in sight. I ask that we all try to be patient. We are going through a very different time and learning as we live through these events. A little inconvenience for the next few weeks (and longer if necessary) is worth doing in order to keep others safe and avoid more drastic measures down the road.  

Our administration has the support of our incredible Board of Education and I have witnessed first hand the awesome ability of this community to come together in the time of crisis. I know that by all of us working together, remaining calm, and being patient we will help each other through this difficult time and come out on the other side much stronger as a community, as a state, and as a nation.  


Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.


Week 2 Lessons

Week 2 Lessons

Monday 3/23
Reading:Read at least one book on Kids a-z and answer the questions.On a seperate sheet of paper write your connection.  Give at least 2 details.
Connection=What does the book make you think about.  Something that happened to you or happened in another book.
Spelling:  Pick at least three spelling words and write a sentence for each word.Remember to make first grade sentences.
vine     mine line     life rice price     time all call fall
Math:Complete at least one Zearn lesson.  We are on unit 5.
Writing: On a seperate sheet of paper write about a time you had fun with your family.  Include a clear topic sentence, at least three key events with details and a conclusion.
Sight Words:Practice sight words.  Make flash cards with the sight word list and practice with someone.  How fast can you read the words?

Science Experiement

I thought you might like to try this experiment at home with your family. This experiment is a great way to understand how washing your hands keeps germs away! Here’s what you’ll need: Materials: dish, pepper (represent germs), water, dish soap Step 1: Pour water into the dish. Step 2: Add lots of pepper to the water so that it covers the top of the water. Step 3: Dip your finger into the dish. How much pepper (germs) touched your finger? Step 4: Put soap on a different finger. Step 5: Dip the soapy finger into the dish. What happened this time? Step 6: You can email me your results or take a picture and send it to remind..


Round 2 chromebook pick up for our Lowrey families. This is only for Lowrey Students! If your family does not have a working computer and is in need of a chromebook then please come to Lowrey’s main doors, tomorrow Friday March 20th between times of 12:30pm to 2pm. If you already picked one up, please don’t come again. One chromebook per household! All parents will need to sign a consent form to insure chromebooks will be returned in the same condition they were given. All parents and students are responsible for the chromebooks. They must be returned once students return to school.

Greetings First Grade Families,

Lowrey School will be distributing Chromebooks to families in order to support their child’s remote Learning. Each Chromebook was checked and cleaned by admin and personnel to ensure that they are safe to be used. Please note that chromebooks need a working internet connection.   If your family does not have a working computer and is in need of a chromebook then please come to Lowrey’s main doors, tomorrow Thursday March 19th between times of 11:30am to 3pm. 
 One chromebook per household!
 All parents will need to sign a consent form to insure chromebooks will be returned in the same condition they were given. All parents and students are responsible for the chromebooks. They must be returned once students return to school. 

Free Breakfast and Lunch

Dearborn Schools offering free breakfast and lunch pickup for students at six sites

Dearborn Public Schools is offering free pickup lunch and breakfast for students while school is closed for the mandatory shut down over the next three weeks.

Families will be able to stop in and pick up a bag with both breakfast and lunch for each child in the family.  Pickups will run daily from 10 a.m. to noon starting tomorrow, March 17 at Fordson, Edsel Ford and Dearborn high schools, McCollough-Unis, Salina Intermediate, and Woodworth Middle School.

Signage at each site will direct parents and students where to enter the building. Food will be near entrances to minimize the amount of time community members spend in the facilities.

Please note, meals are available to anyone age 18 and younger.  Students do not need to be present, and the Dearborn School student does not need to attend at that building.  A designated person can collect meals for multiple children.  Meals for Saturday and Sunday can be picked up on Friday.

The program will allow the District’s 20,700 students to continue to have access to healthy food.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week ordered all Michigan schools closed from March 16 through April 3 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus and cases of COVID-19.  Dearborn Schools is scheduled for spring break April 6 to 10, so school will not resume in the District until April 13.

The grab-and-go meals will be served at least through April 3.

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko praised the District’s food service team for quickly implementing this drastic change in service to meet the needs of families.

“We appreciate the patience of our families and community as we all try to adjust to this sudden change from closing schools,” Dr. Maleyko said.  “More than three quarters of our students qualify for free or reduced priced school meals.  We realize this food is important to our families, many of whom may be facing additional financial hardships from the sudden economic changes related to COVID-19.”

Check the Dearborn Public Schools website at for any updates or changes to the meal program or for other issues regarding the school closure.