Unfortunately, I lost my voice and I won’t be able to record the virtual lesson. I know you’re deeply disappointed, but you don’t have homework over the weekend. Enjoy your weekend. A reminder that the article of the week due date has been pushed to Wednesday next week. We will go over it Monday and continue our Civil Disobedience lesson. Thank you.

  1. Select the seven quotes you understood best.
  2. If you were to analyze this quote, decide whether you should paraphrase, directly quote, or a combination of the two.
  3. Introduce the quote.
    1. Verbs to use instead of “says:” asserts, argues, posits, states, contends…

Stay tuned for further instructions and a virtual lesson in the upcoming days (most likely by Friday evening).

This link will ONLY work if you copy and paste it into the url search box on a new page. It will NOT work if you click on it. I set it up that way on purpose. Please use it and save it for future use. Today’s homework: read Civil Disobedience on page 1016 and write the golden lines for each paragraph.


Our article of the week routine is called Read Like A Writer. Make sure you have the handout highlighting the instructions. If not, it’s attached here. The power point presentation we are going over in class is attached. Please review and use the examples as a guide. Thank you.

You will notice, your first online AP test is now in the grade book. You will be given the opportunity to retake this test on October 1. Your new grade will replace the current grade.

Hello Studious Students,

Please write or print these slides. Feel free to print multiple slides on each page. I am not concerned how you do it as long as you have the notes with you in class. We will continue these lessons all week, but it’s important to refer back to them as needed all year. Thank you.

My Dear Students,


It has been a phenomenal year with all of you. I enjoyed interacting with you; you have all taught me so much. Please enjoy the summer and be safe. MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!


Tomorrow, June 14, 2018 there is school, so please be present. IT IS VITAL that you are in class. It will count as an absence and the school will be penalized and we will have to add a day next year.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR GRADES! They will be finalized tomorrow afternoon, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask them via email or in class tomorrow. Thanks!

PS…There are about 5 essays I still have to grade in 1st hour, so 5 students may not have  a grade yet for that.

Incoming 12th Grade Summer Reading Letter – Class of 2019