My Dear Students,


It has been a phenomenal year with all of you. I enjoyed interacting with you; you have all taught me so much. Please enjoy the summer and be safe. MAKE GOOD CHOICES!!!!


Tomorrow, June 14, 2018 there is school, so please be present. IT IS VITAL that you are in class. It will count as an absence and the school will be penalized and we will have to add a day next year.


PLEASE CHECK YOUR GRADES! They will be finalized tomorrow afternoon, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask them via email or in class tomorrow. Thanks!

PS…There are about 5 essays I still have to grade in 1st hour, so 5 students may not have  a grade yet for that.

Incoming 12th Grade Summer Reading Letter – Class of 2019



These are just a few of Singleton’s AP video lessons. Explore more on his youtube page.




Analysis-of-Argument-Guide-for-Students (1)

Please watch the video lesson below. It’s the first time I have used a screen recording. It is nothing spectacular, but I tired. It covers how to approach the synthesis and writing quotes and paraphrases. I will also include some other videos of some great presentations by other people. Here goes nothing…

Mrs. Alaouie’s video-

Matthew Singleton’s Videos-

Watch any of the videos by Matthew Singleton.


Good Luck!


Hello Studious Students,

Thank you all for your assignment submissions. Your work was impressive. I was showing you off to the hospital staff. You did fantastic work. Be proud of yourselves. You created college board type synthesis prompts. It is a lot of work. Now when you approach the synthesis on the exam it won’t be so intimidating, because you are familiar with what the objective is. I am very proud of you. Grades will be posted soon.

I will post a lesson on my blog later this week. Please keep an eye out for it, possibly Thursday.  I want to review how to write an argumentative essay, but now you will be using sources to back up your claims. Thanks again for your hard work; it is always appreciated.

Hello Everyone,

I am starting to receive synthesis prompts, and some are looking phenomenal. I am pleased to see that; however,  I cannot say that for most of you. Some of you are sharing empty documents or half done projects with me. If by midnight I don’t receive the completed project, it will be considered late. I have granted many extensions, and there are no excuses at this point. I have been trying my best to go through the ones I have received. Please look for any comments I have made so far. Thank you!

Due to some concerns voiced by students, I changed the due date of the final synthesis prompt to this Saturday, March 3. Please share your document by midnight. Your essay will be due next Friday, March 9 by midnight. I will be spending this week looking through your bibliographies and synthesis prompts. Hope this helps!

Happy Writing!

Hello My Fantastical Students,


If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

-Henry David Thoreau

Thank you for your patience during my absence. Please check this blog regularly incase I post assignments or resources you need in preparation for class the next day. I am depending on your diligence during this unit, so you fully comprehend the effects of transcendentalism on today’s society.

The following assignment is due Wednesday, February 28. You will not be able to watch this in class, so make sure you watch all four clips before you enter class Wednesday. Write a 3-4 line summary for each video, so you will be turning in 4 summaries on Wednesday to the sub.

These videos will help you understand the reading you will be doing in class. You will be reading a very significant non fiction piece written by Henry David Thoreau titled Civil Disobedience. As you read this week’s selection analyze how transcendentalism influenced life as you know it today and over the past century.  As AP students you must know Thoreau and other authors from this era and their works. Here is a man who decided to not accept new technologies his generation was experiencing like the post office. He decided to live in the woods for two years with no technologies to reflect on life. Will you do that today? What would Thoreau think of today’s advancements? Allow his thoughts to make you reflect on your life and society.  Enjoy his essays, as I always have.


American Literature

Transcendentalism is an American philosophy that was popular in New England during the 1830’s. Transcendentalists argued for trusting one’s own intuition above established authority, glorifying nature over industrialization, and following one’s conscience even if it means breaking the law. Transcendentalists fought for the abolition of slavery and women’s rights just to name a few of their causes. The writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau influenced such men as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. In this brief unit, we will be discussing the following questions and pondering the following ideas.


Essential Questions: (Just think about these questions as we work through this unit.)

  • What is the nature of humankind?
  • Who determines right and wrong for the individual?
  • What is the individual’s obligation to society?
  • At what point is it necessary to break the law?
  • Where is the individual closest to the divine?
  • How much of one’s values must one compromise to live in society?


I will be in this week to collect all the work turned in. Feel free to email me with any questions and concerns.


From Transcendentalism to Civil Disobedience:

Kind of boring overview:

Mark Ruffalo reading Civil Disobedience:

To show or not to show?