Mrs. Akil's Math Class

Lowrey Middle School

IXL HomeWork

All  advanced seventh grade

IXL homework  (y.1 to y.7) is due Sunday night.

Assignments y.8 to y.12 are due on Wednesday June 5th.

Test will be on Thursday June 6.

Enjoy your break.

IXL Assignment

Hi 6th graders,

I won’t be in class on Monday. Work on IXL FF.1 to FF.7, GG.3, and HH.1 to HH.4 in class to prepare for the MSTEP. 

I’ll see you on Tuesday!

IXL assignments

Hi all seventh graders,

I just wanted to remind you that you need to finish your assigned work on IXL ( Proportions, Surface Area, Volume, and Probability) by tonight (4/28). On Monday, I won’t be in class and you will have to work on the rest of the assignments to be ready for the MSTEP on Tuesday. The packet will be graded when I come back.

Note: I am expecting a great report from the sub. If I hear that you weren’t following directions I will deduct points from your grade.

See you on Tuesday!

Homework for 6th hour only

Hi, read through lesson 10 from the instruction book  and solve all the problems on the pages, I will check and grade them tomorrow.

Homework – 7th Grade Advanced Math (4th and 6th Hour)


Be sure to do this on top of the practice you had.

Hi all, this is going to be added to the 40 point assignment test the class had to do yesterday. Have a great day.

Identify the Constant of Proportionality:

Use Proportional Relationships to Solve Multistep Ratio and Percent Problems

Identify the Constant of Prportionality: CCSS.Math.Content.7.RP.A.2b

MStep Practice

You are responsible to take the practice test and write down the answers.


Happy Valentines Day!

Check Khan academy for assignments that is due on Monday 2/18/19

NO grade less than 100%


Image result for valentines day wallpaper math



IXL assignments are  due tomorrow (1/24/2019)


7th grade advanced Welcome Back

  1. report Y.1 Pythagorean theorem: find the length of the hypotenuse
  2.  report Y.2 Pythagorean theorem: find the missing leg length
  3.  report Y.3 Pythagorean theorem: word problems
  4.  report Y.4 Converse of the Pythagorean theorem: is it a right triangle?
  5. Practice Data and Graph,Statistics,and probability to get extra credit

Unit 1 Test

Hi all,

Be prepared for the Unit 1 test on 12/18/18. Review your notes and practice on Khan Academy, and IXL.

Good luck on tomorrow’s test

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