LAST Week in Review!!

LAST Week in Review!!

Monday, June 12: V= Video Day
Staff Meeting, 3:45, Science Lab

Tuesday, June 13: W= Wacky Hair Day
3rd Grade Bowling Trip, 9:30-12:30
Kindergarten Picnic, Kindergarten Playground, 1-3:30
Staff v. 5th grade Kickball, 1:30-3 pm

Wednesday, June 14: FLAG DAY!
X=X-change Autographs Day
Kearney and Distelrath Birthdays
4th grade Field Trip, Detroit Zoo, 9-2:30 pm
5th Grade Final Walk Through- 1:15-1:22
5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 1:25-2:45

Thursday, June 15: Y= Year End Clean Up
Adams Birthday
5th Grade to Ford Performing Arts Center, 10:00-2:45 pm

Friday, June 16: LAST DAY, 8:40-11:45
Z= ZOOM out of School
Teacher Duty Day, 12-3;45 pm

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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