Look At What We Will Be Learning About This Week:

Math- The students will be reviewing Unit 9 and taking Unit 9 test, Part 1 on Tuesday and Part 2 on Wednesday and starting Unit 10-Decimals and Place Value, counting money, decimal notation for pennies and dimes and using a calculator to solve problems with money.

Reading-The students will be reviewing word work and strategies to help them on NWEA.-Main Idea, Author’s Purpose, Genre a story belongs to, Lesson or moral of a story, text features, similes and metaphors, prefixes and suffixes and getting new books in their reading groups to practice the 5W’s +1 in a fiction and nonfiction story.

We will be taking the Reading NWEA on Thursday at 9:00 A.M.  Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast and gets a good night’s rest so they can do their best thinking.

Writing- The students will be finishing an informational writing prompt-“Ways I Can Help Save Water” using their organizer, revising, editing and publishing it.  The students are also writing about their own ways to help the earth, designing an earth kid and answering the question “Do you think it is important for communities to recycle?”  Using CER- stating a claim, giving evidence and supporting it with reasons.

Social Studies- The students will be finishing up the unit on economics and reviewing for their test on Friday.  A study sheet will be sent home this week.

Science-  We will be planting sunflowers and observing their life cycle as well as, planting a special gift for mom for Mother’s Day.

We have a busy week!  As always Thank-You for your support!




April PBIS Celebration

This Wednesday, April 26th, we will be hosting our second annual HAIGH CARNIVAL for our April PBIS celebration.  If you are able to volunteer to help run stations at the carnival, it would be greatly appreciated.  The time slots are as follows:  A.M. session-8:50-11:30  P.M. session-1:30-3:15.

To help make the carnival a success if you can donate any of the following items it would be greatly appreciated!

empty cardboard boxes   Dum,Dum suckers

Hershey kisses                fake frogs(rubber,silicone)

washable tattoos              Solo cups

Cotton Candy buckets(Wal-Mart?)

If you have any questions pl;ease e-mail Ms.  Ottoat ottoc@dearbornschools.org


We have a busy week ahead!

Look at what we will be learning about this week:

Reading:  This week we will focus on authors purpose, cause and effect and asking wondering questions when reading fiction and non fiction stories to help build comprehension. Students will use their 5W’s +1 organizer to help them ask and answer questions about their stories.

Math:  This week in Unit 9 we will be working with liquid measures, capacity, weight and reviewing for NWEA.

Writing:  We will be starting the 2nd grade informational writing prompt.  The topic is:  What are ways you can conserve water?  The students will be watching videos, and reading articles to learn and gather their information for their paper.

Science:  We will be planting sunflower seeds and starting our plant observation books and learning about the life cycle of the plant, learning  the names for each part of  the plant and the important job each part has for the plant to survive as we watch them grow!

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the different types of resources a community has:  natural, human and capital, the difference between them and if they are limited, this can cause scarcity.  We will also learn why businesses in our community are important and how they help meet our needs in a community.

New Things We Will Be Learning About This Week:

Math:  We are starting Unit 9- Measurement-Measuring with yards and meters, Linear Measures, Perimeter, Area, Weight and making math measuring connections to the real world.

Reading:  Good Readers should always be asking “wondering” questions while they read.  We will focus on the who, what, when where, why and how of a story and build our comprehension as we read to find the answers in our stories.

Social Studies:  Using Natural Resources To Produce Goods and Services-The students will read how paper is made and read articles about recycling  to answer the question:   Do you think communities should recycle?  The students will have to take a stand on this public issue using the information they have read to support their reasoning using the CER organizer.

Science:  We will be planting sunflower seeds and starting our plant observation books.

Writing:  After reading “Hey Little Ant ”  The students will use their blueprint organizer to give their opinion on whether the main character in the story should squish the ant or not?

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to  all the  second and third grade students and  Mrs. Conrad for a wonderful concert on Wednesday!  And Thank you to all the family and friends of the second and third grade students for attending  and making this a special night for them to remember.  As always we appreciate your support!