Chess Club Notes

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful Chess Club celebration.  Thank you to the parents for donating all of the special treats.  It was delicious.  The Club members truly enjoyed themselves.  This was a wonderful Chess Club year and I will miss our Tuesdays and Thursdays get together.  Please practice whenever you can so we can be ready for next year.  I also want to say I appreciate all of my 5th graders this year.  They were helpful and made our Chess Club fun.  Best of luck in Middle School and join Chess Club if you can to continue your Chess playing adventure.  I also want to say thank you and good bye to Ava and Blake.  They were an important part of our Chess Club and will truly be missed.

Thank you also to Lukas and Dillion moms for holding down the fort until I could get to our members.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts and cards.  It meant so much to me and I appreciate everything.

And my final thank you is to Mr. Metropolis for assisting me this year.  His willingness to play and wanting to be challenged by our Chess Club members was also appreciated.

Thank you again,

Mrs. Dumke


Week of February 27th

I just want to let everyone know I am cancelling chess club next Tuesday, March 7th.  It is City Tournaments and I have been asked if they could borrow our equipment.  Unfortunately we will not be participating this year but I wish all 4 teams the best of luck.  Thank you

Chess Club Notes

A big congratulations to our Chess Club for their win over Geer Park.  Everyone played hard and their best.  I am so proud of you guys.  Please remember that our match against Oakman Elementary was cancelled so February 28th will be a regular practice day.  Please have a safe, relaxing and a lot of Chess playing over our Mid Winter Break.

Chess Club

Just a reminder.  Next Tuesday is our next Chess Club tournament.  We will be hosting here at Snow Elementary.  I will meet the students after school to set up for the tournament.  We will begin promptly at 4:00 and end around 5:00.  I want to get everyone home because it is Valentine’s Day.  Have your Chess Club player wear a Snow School shirt.  I am looking forward to a good match against Geer Park.  Also I just want you all to know our match against Oakman Elementary has been cancelled.  The Oakman coach can not play matches due to a conflict of her schedules.  I am sorry.  Practice and have a great weekend.

Week of February 6th

Just a reminder, today February 7th is our first Chess Club match at Becker Elementary.  We will be meeting, parents and players, in the cafeteria at 3:30pm and then leave together to Becker.  I talked to another teacher from Becker last night and she said the best way is Rotunda to Miller.  Turn left onto Miller and Becker will be on the left after we pass Michigan  and before Warren.  I hope this helps.  Please remind your player to wear his/her Snow Chess Club shirt if they have one from last year or a Snow School shirt.  Sorry for the late info.  Go Wolves

Chess Club

Chess Club Members

Due to the Science Fair Thursday, January 26th, I have to cancel Chess Club.  The Science Fair will be set up in the Cafeteria.  Please practice Tournaments are getting closer.  Also if you have not done so, please remember to turn in your Field Trip form so I can get an idea of how many of our players will be attending our match on February 7th at Becker Elementary.  Thank you

Week of December 5th Chess Club News

Thursday, December 8th, I will be sending home the dates for our Group Tournament play.  We will be playing schools on the east side of Dearborn this year.  We will be hosting only one time and rest we will be traveling to different schools. The schools are Becker, Oakman and Geer Park.  I will need drivers for these tournaments.  Please let me know if you are able to drive.  You must have filled out the school field trip form to be a driver.  Please see Michelle for information regarding this form.

The dates for our Tournaments are as follows:

Tuesday, February 7th, Tuesday, February 14th and Tuesday, February 28th.  We have not as of this date set up which school plays where.  I will let you know in the near future.

Thank you for your patience and allowing me to work with a great group of Chess Players.

Go Wolves

Chess Club News

We have gotten our new schedule for group playing for this season.  We will be playing chess clubs from schools on the east side of Dearborn this year.  We are getting ready for tournament play so please have your Chess Club member practice whenever they can.  Thank you for allowing me to work with a great group of students.