December 19, 2017

December 19, 2017

Dear Chess Club Parents,

I hope everyone has a relaxing and fun Winter Break.  After our Winter Break, both groups will be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get ready for our upcoming Chess Club matches.  This year our School will be hosting each match so we will not be traveling to other schools to play.  I will try to get everyone in to play so be patient with me.  Our A team and B team will consist of our top twelve players.  Our A team will be the team who determines the win of matches.  Each group has been working hard over these past months but now we have to show everyone else how great Snow Elementary really is.

Here is our schedule and all family members are welcome to watch us play.  We will start at 4:00 and end at 5:00.  As always the matches will be held in the lunchroom.

February 8th (Thursday):  Geer Park verses Snow

February 13th (Tuesday):  Oakman verses Snow

February 27th (Tuesday):   Becker verses Snow

Please practice over the break.

Thank you for allowing me to work with a great group of Chess Players.

Mrs. Dumke

Chess Club

Just a reminder, beginner Chess Club will be meeting Tuesday, November 14th and the advance and intermediate will not be meeting Thursday, November 16th due to Parent Teacher Conferences.  Both groups will be meeting on November 21st.  I have received our schedule for Matches for this year and I will be sending the information out to all of you very soon.  Please have your child practice when they can.

Thanks and have a great week.

Chess Club News

October 26, 2017

Dear Chess Club Members and Parents,

There has been some confusion on days we are meeting and when I have to cancel chess club.  For the Tuesday Beginners Chess Club members we will not have Chess Club on these following days:

October 31st Halloween

November 7th No School Professional Development for Teachers

You are welcome to join Thursday, November 2nd to make up for October 31st.

For the Thursday Intermediate and Advance Chess Club members we will not have Chess Club these following days:

November 9th Parent Teacher Conferences

November 16th Parent Teacher Conferences

You are welcome to join Tuesday, November 21st group.


Thank you,

Mrs. Dumke

October 18th

Good Morning

Yesterday was our first Chess Club meeting.  It was great to see all new and returning members.  This year we are glad to have Mr. Metropolis returning to help out.  Thank you for your time and wisdom.  We are a very large group so I decided to split our group into two sessions so all players abilities can be met.  I am sorry if this causes any confusions or problems.  Every Tuesday I would like our Beginning players to meet and if they have a brother or sister who is in our Intermediate or Advance group they are welcome to stay and help.  The Beginner group will learn how the game is played, value of pieces, how they move and basic strategies of the game of Chess.

The Intermediate and Advance Group will meet on Thursday so we can work on moves and strategies.

Please remember we dismiss at the cafeteria near the parking lot.  I need to dismiss all the members together at one place.

Also Chess Club is not to meet on October 31st because of the time we leave, I am afraid the members won’t be ready to go Trick or Treating.

Please remember if there is no  School such as November 7th we will not be meeting for Chess Club.  Parent Teacher Conferences as well November 9th and 16th.  Crazy but we will make everything up.


Thank you for allowing me to work with your child or children.  I am looking forward to a great Chess Club year.

Chess Club Notes

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful Chess Club celebration.  Thank you to the parents for donating all of the special treats.  It was delicious.  The Club members truly enjoyed themselves.  This was a wonderful Chess Club year and I will miss our Tuesdays and Thursdays get together.  Please practice whenever you can so we can be ready for next year.  I also want to say I appreciate all of my 5th graders this year.  They were helpful and made our Chess Club fun.  Best of luck in Middle School and join Chess Club if you can to continue your Chess playing adventure.  I also want to say thank you and good bye to Ava and Blake.  They were an important part of our Chess Club and will truly be missed.

Thank you also to Lukas and Dillion moms for holding down the fort until I could get to our members.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts and cards.  It meant so much to me and I appreciate everything.

And my final thank you is to Mr. Metropolis for assisting me this year.  His willingness to play and wanting to be challenged by our Chess Club members was also appreciated.

Thank you again,

Mrs. Dumke


Week of February 27th

I just want to let everyone know I am cancelling chess club next Tuesday, March 7th.  It is City Tournaments and I have been asked if they could borrow our equipment.  Unfortunately we will not be participating this year but I wish all 4 teams the best of luck.  Thank you

Chess Club Notes

A big congratulations to our Chess Club for their win over Geer Park.  Everyone played hard and their best.  I am so proud of you guys.  Please remember that our match against Oakman Elementary was cancelled so February 28th will be a regular practice day.  Please have a safe, relaxing and a lot of Chess playing over our Mid Winter Break.

Chess Club

Just a reminder.  Next Tuesday is our next Chess Club tournament.  We will be hosting here at Snow Elementary.  I will meet the students after school to set up for the tournament.  We will begin promptly at 4:00 and end around 5:00.  I want to get everyone home because it is Valentine’s Day.  Have your Chess Club player wear a Snow School shirt.  I am looking forward to a good match against Geer Park.  Also I just want you all to know our match against Oakman Elementary has been cancelled.  The Oakman coach can not play matches due to a conflict of her schedules.  I am sorry.  Practice and have a great weekend.