Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spanish 3-4:

Mini-project instructions:  doc00092120171109080827

Vocabulario 7.1:  doc00092220171109080945 doc00092320171109081005

Quizlet link for vocabulary:

Spanish 1:

Vocabulary 2.1:  doc00092420171109082215 doc00092520171109082238

Quizlet link:

Here are the notes on SER (to be):  doc00244020171009131832

Flashcards on pronouns:

Flashcards on SER(to be):

Flashcards on adjective agreement:


Friday, September 22, 2017

Spanish 3-4:

Prepare for Friday’s Test.  Visit Thursday’s post to visit the quizlet link.  Also, here is the vocabulary list:  doc00228720170922135947 doc00228820170922140007

We will go over this study guide on Monday:  doc00228920170922140145 doc00229020170922140203

Spanish 4:  Seal of Biliteracy Information:  doc00229220170922140825 doc00229320170922140852 doc00229420170922140911

Spanish 1:  Prepare for Thursday’s Test.  Here is the vocabulary list:  doc00229520170922141217  You can also visit my post from last week with the quizlet link.  ** Here is the study guide that we will go over on Monday: doc00229920170922141731

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spanish 1:

We are learning the sounds of the alphabet and will take a quiz on Tuesday.  Here is the link to the alphabet march.

We are practicing greetings and identifying oneself and others.  Here are the flashcards for the first vocabulary list.


Spanish 3-4:  We are still in the review stage. Here are some helpful tools to review the preterite tense:



Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spanish 1:  Here are the links for quizlet of all the vocabulary that will be on the final.  We will review grammar next week!

Spanish 3-4:  Quizlet Unit 5.2

Study Guides:  doc00206120170613094009  doc00206220170613094027  doc00206320170613094   046  doc00206420170613094105  doc00206520170613094123