Kindergarten Pictures!


You may save any pictures that you would like before August. They will be deleted. Thank you! Have a great and safe summer!


Incoming Kindergarten Supply List

Suggested Supplies for our Classroom


  • 2 boxes of Kleenex
  • 2 hand sanitizers-large size
  • 2 hand soaps
  • 1 box of Gallon size Ziplock bags
  • 1 box of Quart size Ziplock bags
  • 1 container of Clorox wipes
  • pack of dry erase markers (skinny size)
  • 1 pack of baby wipes






Honor’s Assembly!

NWEA Reading Stars!! WAY TO GO!

NWEA Math Stars!! WAY TO GO!



Hasna was a March Bucketfiller!

Mohamed was a April Bucketfiller!

Munzala was a May Buckerfiller!

FatimaAlbatool was a Student of the Month in March!

Diana was a Student of the Month in April!


Kindergarten Weekly News

Hello Kindergarten Families! Well, we made it! We are in our last week of kindergarten! It is with great joy, excitement, and lots of love when we all agree that this has been an amazing  year! We thank you all for the trust you have bestowed on us in helping your child with their success during their first year of elementary school! Thank you so much for the support, encouragement, and kindness you have shown us. Thank you for all you do for your precious children. Please continue to work with them over the summer. They will still have access to MobyMax and MyOn. Please help them login as their will be a summer learning plan. SO…..with all that said, look out first grade…because here comes an amazing group of shining stars! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish our students all the best!!!

Thursday, June 15th, is the kindergarten end of the year gathering in the AM!!! Mrs. Mroue’s class is from 9:00-9:40!

Friday, June 16th is a half day. School will end at 11:45. This is our last day of kindergarten!

The ABC Countdown continues! Please do not send backpacks after Tuesday. 🙂

Monday: V- We will do some vigorous exercising!  Tuesday: W- We will wear wacky and wild hair styles! Wednesday: X- We will x-change autographs in our kindergarten books with our friends.  Thursday: Y  Year End Gathering and year end clean up. Friday: Z- Zoom out of kindergarten! Have a fun and safe summer!

Reading: We are practicing many reading strategies. We will practice identifying features of narrative text such as characters, setting, and problem/solution. In addition, we will practice flipping the vowel sound in words. (ex. the o on hop is short o, but the o in hope is long o and says its name.) Please practice the following sight words: (These are words your child needs to recognize and read by sight.)  

We will review the sight words we have learned! Please continue to practice these over the summer.

Math: We will continue to review 2D and 3D shapes as well as word problems for addition and subtraction.

Science: We will continue our science explorations. We will explore trees and their parts as well as weather!

Social Studies: We will continue to talk about ways to work with the common good to solve problems in our classroom and in our community.

Writing: We will write about our experiences in kindergarten as we complete our memory books! We will also write about our dads, grandpas, or uncles in recognition of Father’s Day! (Thanks dads, for all you do for your families!) 🙂

Again, we wish you a safe summer of happiness, love, and time spent with family!