Fun in the Classroom

Welcome to McDonald PreK

Good Morning Families,

Welcome to PreK!  This is our 3rd “Full-Day” week now and we have been working on making smooth transitions.  Hopefully it is getting easier to part with your child (or children).  I know when they are sad to leave you, it is hard to go, but remember it is best to leave quickly to make it easier for your child.

We are working on social skills such as interacting with others and problem solving skills (sharing).

We have been having fun learning the school schedule and learning how to use classroom materials.  This week we are practicing cutting with scissors and putting caps back on markers.  These are skills that will help to make the whole school year more smooth.

We have also been exploring apples.  We have tasted and graphed our favorite color of apples.  We are working on an Apple poem and book as well.

Next week we will have a Parent Meeting on Thursday.


Mrs. Lott and Ms. Jaafar



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