Week of Nov. 20th

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This week we will read an argument about zoos (  ” Zoos: Myth and Reality” page 990-993). You will create a chart to show the parts of the author’s argument and determine how effective it is.

Argument Structure


Over the break be sure to read ( you should be nearing completion of a book for this card-marking) and relax. Also don’t forget there are 2 opportunities for extra credit.

PTSA Reflection Contest 

reflectionsdirectionsp.1  reflectionsdirectionsp.2      entry form


Read Theory Password is bryant17



Week of Nov. 13th

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This week we will be moving into argumentative reading. We will discuss the elements of an argument and then examine several texts , ” Why I can’t Live on French Fries”, ” The Driving Age”, and ” Zoos” to identify the elements of an argument. You will be asked to summarize the texts and evaluate their effectiveness.

Reminder: Student Led Conferences are Monday from 4-7 pm and Tuesday from 3:30- 6:30. I look forward to meeting with you and your parents!

Extra Credit Opportunity: PTSA Reflection Contest



entry form



Week of Nov. 6th

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This week is the start of Card-marking 2. We will begin shifting into informational reading by reading about Edgar Allen Poe. We will also look into theories surrounding his death in order to make a claim and formulate a CER response. At the end of the week, we will  prepare for student-led conferences next Monday and Tuesday. You will be the lead-speaker in explaining to your parents what you are doing in class, what your class goals are, and how they and I can support you. Your attendance is required.

Reminder: Student-Led Conferences

Monday 4-  7 pm

Tuesday 3:30 – 6:30 pm

Students must attend. I look forward to seeing you there!


Weekly Agenda:

Monday: Unit 1 Test Narrative- Book Selfie Due

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Edgar Allen Poe Article

Thursday: CER: How did Edgar Allen Poe Die?

Friday: Conference Prep and Reflection Contest ( Extra Credit Opportunity Due. Nov. 30th with entry form)



entry form






Monday: Test Unit 1 and Book Selfies Due

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To review for the Unit 1 Test look over your story elements vocabulary and be prepared to not only know the definition but apply them to a story as well. In addition, prepare to write a CER ( Caim, Evidence, Reasoning) response.


Reminder No School Tuesday ;(


Week of Oct. 30th

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This week we will look at Edgar Allen Poe and ” The Tell- Tale Heart”.  The focus will be on suspense and narrator reliability.


Monday: Revising and Editing Prequel to Monkey’s Paw

Homework: Submit Monkey’s Paw Prequel on google classroom

Tuesday: “The Tale Heart” and Suspense

Wednesday: ” Tell- Tale Heart” Vocabulary

Thursday: ” Tell- Tale Heart” Narrator Reliability


Friday: Article of the Week “Edgar Allen Poe”


HOMEWORK: READ and take a BOOK SELFIE ( Due Monday, Nov,6th)


Monkey’s Paw prequel due Monday

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At start of class. Can’t wait to read what you’ve created!


Week of Oct. 23

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This week we will be shifting from reading stories to writing narrative stories. The basis of your narrative story is to explain what the story is behind ( prequel) the 1st person to get 3 wishes from the Monkey’s Paw. This is your opportunity to try your hand at creating suspense as you build your plot. The directions for this assignment will be in our google classroom starting on Wednesday


Homework: READ– you are expected to have 1 book read by this Friday. Should be no problem since you have been reading for homework the last 8 weeks.



Monday- Review ” Monkey’s PAw

Tuesday- Quiz Monkey’s PAw

Wednesday- Narrative Writing  Plan Prequel ” Monkey’s Paw”

Thursday- Draft Prequel to ” Monkey’s Paw” on our google classroom

Friday- Movie: Monkey’s Paw/ Assembly 1st hr Pink-Shirt Day


Week of Oct. 16

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This week we will be reading ” The Monkey’s Paw”.  We will continue making predictions based on clues foreshadowed and writing a CER. We will also focus on how an author creates mood through the words they use (tone).

Monday: “Monkey’s Paw” Vocabulary and Superstitions

Superstitions Project

Monkey’s Paw Vocab.

Tuesday: Mood and Tone in “Monkeys’ Paw”

Wednesday: Foreshadowing and Prediction in “Monkey’s Paw”

Thursday: Monkey’s Paw Comprehension

Monkey’s PAw ‘s

Friday: “Monkey’s Paw” CER “Who is Most Responsible?”

Homework: Read- You have 2 weeks to finish the 1 required book. that you have been reading since the beginning of September.


Week of Oct. 9

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This week we will be continuing to work on  the skills of analyzing and evaulating by creating theories and claims with evidence and reasoning (CER).


Monday: “The Hitchhiker”- Compare and contrast media (radio play / television                                                    episode). Which is more effective? why?

Tuesday: CER- Choose a prompt, create a theory.Claim,  Evidence and Reasoning

The Hitchhiker CER

Wednesday: Quiz ” The Hitchhiker”

Thursday: ” Lizzie Borden” – Talk to the Text and theory (CER)

Lizzie Borden


Friday ( 1/2 day): Evaluate which group ending to ‘the Elevator” is the most effective


Homework : READ


Extra Credit Opportunity: Contest The Big Read ( see last week for directions)



Week of Oct. 2nd

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This week we will actual work on “The Elevator, since last week we sidetracked to introduce Dearborn’s Big Read The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. This is an event for the community through the Dearborn Public Library and sponsored by various local business. Currently they are looking for entries for an anthology they will be publishing.They are looking for the story of your name or family tree, or your immigration story, or a family recipe. I am encourage you to submit entries to them. If you do submit an entry please copy me when emailing it to them to receive Extra Credit.  See the flyers with links attached below.

Monday: Read  The Elevator,  bookmark due and the research homework on your name

Tuesday: ” Analyze The Elevator’s effectiveness (CER)

Wednesday: Effective Endings

Thursday and Friday:   The Hitchhiker


Homework: READ


Extra Credit Links:

Big Read 2017-18 Arabic Flyer Call for Entries

Big Read 2017-18 Flyer Call for Entries Spanish

Big Read 2017-18 Flyer Call for Entries Urdu


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