Mrs. DeNeen Honored by the City of Dearborn

This June 7th, 2017, our Lindbergh Principal, Mrs. Pam DeNeen, received a Citation Award from the City Council and Mayor of Dearborn, John O’Reilly. The award was given  to her in honor of her retirement and appreciation of the nearly 27 years of service to the Dearborn Public School system. Our Lindbergh students and staff congratulated Mrs. DeNeen on receiving such a distinguished honor during the assembly. Mayor O’Reilly thanked our Principal for her many years of dedication to Lindbergh and Dearborn Schools students through her career. We wish Mrs. DeNeen a long and happy retirement, enjoying life, and being with her family. We will very much miss you.

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June 2nd ~ Leadership Day at Lindbergh

Lindbergh Flyers students and faculty welcomed 19 educators from around the area and as far away from Saginaw this past Friday. Our students were involved with showing them around the school and telling them all about the leadership work we do here at Lindbergh. Our visitors had a chance to talk to students that represented different clubs and activity groups along with their poster-boards with detailed descriptions. Afterwards, they also were able to visit classrooms to observe our First Lesson and also attend our assembly, where student leaders demonstrated their unique talents. We received many compliments from our visitors on the leadership skills of our students, our positive school environment, parental involvement, and teacher professionalism and effectiveness. Great Job!! to all the students, parents, and teachers that made this Leadership a great day for Lindbergh.

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May 4th ~ First Lesson & Assembly

Today’s lesson was part 2 of Being Proactive vs. Reactive. After students watched a Leader in Me video on the subject, students discussed the issues of the story and talked about responses that could have been used so as to staying calm and making the right decisions. The teacher then performed an experiment using a soda bottle and shaking it up , vs. shaking a water bottle, and comparing the both, simulating anger and calmness. During the Student Spotlight, seven students demonstrated their talents on stage. Yousef Sareini (4th grader) playing the pan drums, Layla Kazan, Nadine Ayoub, Juliana Ayoub (3rd graders), singing a song and dance performance, Jaden Bakry (4th grader) playing his guitar, Zaine Sarrini (3rd grader) performing his card tricks, and 5th grader Grace Schook showing her award wining art and a description of what it represents. Overall it was another super talented performance from our Lindbergh Leaders. 

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April 12, 2017 – Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Today’s Leader in Me First Lesson was to watch a short video and discuss in small groups, how to be Proactive vs. Reactive. Scenario cards were read to students and were asked what would their response be and/or should be. During our assembly, five students performed during the Student Spotlight. Alex Sassanelli sung a song, Fatima Jaffar showed her drawings, Henry Martin read a story with character voices, Deema Alhanooti sung her version of a 7 Habits song, and Aya Kassem played the piano. Also, our Jump Rope for Heart top fundraisers were honored with medals and certificates of appreciation from the American Heart Association. The students were Dominic Lewis from Mrs. Wright’s class, Anthony Abela from Ms. Polidori’s class and Maya Coleman from Mrs. Stetz class.

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February 2017 ~ Lindbergh Leaders Talent Showcase

After our Fist Lesson this month on Begin with the End in Mind, five students showcased their talents during our assembly. Rami Bazzy, 2nd grade Mrs. Robins’ class, displayed his talents playing an Arabic drum set. The 5th grade girls from Mrs. Gardner’s class, Savannah Allen, Lilly Bazzi, and Samaya Hassanali, showcased their singing and piano playing on stage. Also, 3rd grade student from Mrs. Lybik’s class, Jesse West, performed his awesome gymnastics skills, doing back flips, cartwheels and other amazing moves on the stage. An incredible performance today by our talented Lindbergh Leaders !

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January 2017 First Lesson ~ Begin with the End in Mind

Using the Habit – Begin with the end in mind, students made a pennant with a personal goal for 2017.  Older kids helped younger ones. These will be displayed on lockers, in the classroom, or in Leadership Notebook. During our assembly, our talented Lindbergh Leaders included four students from K-5 grades. Students were Aya Abdou (4th-Wilkie) singing about Autism, Maya Tocco Coleman (K-Stetz) singing Feliz Navidad, Hassan Tai (5th-Bush) doing money magic tricks, and Joey Miller (5th-Bush) describing how and why he does his artwork.

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December Lesson ~ Habit 7 Sharpen The Saw (Mind, Body, Spirit)

December’s First Lesson: Lindbergh students discussed the importance of what it means to Sharpen the Saw (our Spirit by helping Others) and prepared a project with Habit 7 of Leader in Me in mind.img_2287 Older students paired-up with younger one’s to create cards to be given to kids at The Children’s Hospital. During today’s assembly, four students demonstrated their special talents to the crowd of Lindbergh Leaders. Our Leaders with special talents were  5th grader Serena Salame with her comic book art, 3rd grader Owen Strieff reading his award winning essay about helping others, 5th grader Liliana Bazzi playing the piano and singing her song about the 7 Habits, and 4th grader Maddex Rowe playing an awesome drum set to the tune of a Beetle’s song.



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Detroit Red Wings Assembly

img_2255November 30, 2016 ~ The Detroit Red Wings Foundation paid a visit today to Lindbergh, promoting healthy living  and of course to talk about Detroit’s ice hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings. During the assembly, the three Wings’ instructors talked about the importance of education, nutrition, anti-bullying, and exercise to our Lindbergh students and teachers. They captivated our student leaders with trivia questions and prizes about health, nutrition, exercise, and the Red Wings Team. There was also a chance for students and teachers to demonstrate their hockey skills on stage. Six students and six teachers performed a shoot-out against a fully-padded goalkeeper in net. The crowd went wild with every shot ! Afterwards, the Wings instructors announced a contest to raise money for the foundation and that students were to receive a folder with instructions and an opportunity to buy discounted tickets to watch the Red Wings play in img_2257February. They also donated 2 full sets of floor hockey equipment such as goals, sticks, balls, and goalkeeper pads and masks to our school. Thank you to the Detroit Red Wings, NHL, Kroger, & Michigan Education Savings Program.img_2269

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Upcoming Rewards for December

bingo1The Leader in Me November reward party will be Thursday, December 1st at 1:10-1:40. The November reward party will be  Holiday BINGO with prizes.  Upper elem classes will be teaming up with lower elem classes.


The December reward party will be Friday, December 23rd at 2:40-3:10. The December reward party will be a Holiday movie.

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First Grade Leaders Vote at Lindbergh

First grade students at Lindbergh are showing their leadership skills by exercising their right to vote this November.img_2137

Awesome job by Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Noe, and all their students.

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