Last Week of School!

Dear Parents: I’m sure you are all excited for Summer Vacation to begin! This week we will not have Spelling, due to Friday being a half day. Please remember that tomorrow, June 13 is our Second Grade picnic. Several students have not turned in their permission slips yet. Please make sure they do this by tomorrow. Students may wear their 2nd Grade tshirts, and may also bring items from home to play with. Please make sure your child has a water bottle with their name on it, so that we can refill it throughout the day. All parents/families are welcome to join us at the picnic, and may sign out their child from the park if you wish to leave early.

Our last day party will be on Friday morning. Please remember if you signed up to bring an item for the party. Thank you!I

I have so much enjoyed working with you, and your child this year! Enjoy the Summer. Thank you for everything!

Week of 5/30-6/2

Dear Parents: The Study Guide for the Unit 10 Math Test was sent home yesterday. The Unit 10 Test will be on Friday, along with the Spelling Test. Some other important dates to keep in mind are as follows: Field Day: Mon. 6/5, 2nd Grade Picnic: Tues. 6/13, Last Day Party: Fri. 6/16. A signup  sheet for the Last Day Party will be given soon. Thank you!


May PBIS/Field Day

Dear Parents: Please note that Field Day has been changed to Monday June 5, because of rain in the forecast for tomorrow. We will have a school picnic on that day, but we will also have another school picnic for May PBIS on Wednesday, May 31. These are 2 separate events, but children should dress appropriately, and have towels or blankets for both days. Thank you!

Week of 5/22-5/25

Dear Parents: Remember there is no school this Friday, or next Monday. Because of this, I will not be giving a Spelling Test or Tic Tac Toe assignment this week.

Please also remember that Wednesday 5/24 is Field Day. Students should wear gym shoes and comfortable clothes on that day please. Thank you!

NWEA Testing

Dear Parents: On Wednesday this week, we will begin the Reading portion of NWEA. Please make sure the students are well rested,  and have eaten a healthy breakfast. This score is extremely important. Also, we will be testing first thing in the morning, so please have students to school on time. Thank you!

Library Books

Dear Parents: Since the end of the school year is approaching quickly, we will only be having 4 more Fridays of Library Checkout. Many of the students have not returned their Library books, and say they lost them. Please help them to look for these at home, because if they are not returned, they will be expected to pay for them. If a book is paid for, then found late, the money will be returned. Thank you!

Week of April 24-28

Hello, Parents! On Wednesday, we will begin NWEA testing. This is the most important Test Session of the year, so I am asking that students please practice on the practice site every day. Also, please have students go to bed early each evening, and eat a healthy breakfast each morning. Thank you!

Week of April 10- 13

Dear Parents: I hope everyone enjoyed the vacation. This week we will have the Unit 8 Math test on Thursday, April 13. The study guide for that test was given out today. Also, a reminder that there is no school on Friday. I will not be giving a Spelling Test this week, but rather working on vocabulary with students. Thank you!

Field Trip

Dear Parents: There will be a half day Field Trip to the Dearborn Historical Museum on Thursday, March 30. Chaperones have already been appointed for this trip. The trip will be in the morning, and students will still be eating lunch at school. A permission slip will be sent home today, and there is a cost of $5.00. Thank you!