Tomorrow’s Quiz

  • Here is the question for tomorrow’s quiz: 
  • Skecth the graphs of all 12 basic functions,find their domain, range, symmetry and any asymptote. Make sure to write the equation next to each graph

    I can statements:

  • I can sketch the graph of all 12 basic functions
  • I can write the equation of all 12 basic functions
  • I can find the domain and range of all 12 basic functions
  • I can find the symmetry of all 12 basic functions (odd, even, neither)
  • I can find asymptotes of some of the parent functions (exponential, rational, logistic, log)

Today’s class Friday 10/06

  • SAT bellwork BW Fri 10-06
  • Students took Section 1.2 Quiz for about 20 min
  • Students sketched the 12 basic functions in their notebook and found the domain of each parent function then they had to find H.A and V.A and state whether the functions are continuous or not.
  •  Section 1.3 Fri 10-06
  • Homework Page 106 # 1 through 12 and 29 through 34
  • Retakes on Chapter P test and new quizzes (section 1.2) should be graded by Monday