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City Beautiful Initiative at Lowrey

Dear Parents, 

Lowrey School is in dire need of your help. We are looking for gardening donations from our lovely community. We are trying to teach children the importance of landscaping, the immense responsibility it takes to care for the environment, and to keep it clean. Not only does this allow for our school to be more appealing to the eye, it truly helps to teach children to be more accountable. Unfortunately, budgets don’t allow for us to do this on our own, therefore, we are calling upon the help of our Lowrey families.  After all, this is your home as much as it is ours!

We would greatly appreciate any donations such as trees, and flats of flowers. Our goal is to plant flowers all around the school building. We are trying to stay within a white and red flower color scheme to represent the colors of our school.   If it is an inconvenience for you to run out and get the flowers yourself, we will gladly be taking cash donations and buy the flowers ourselves. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.  We hope you can help us make our school more beautiful!!


Lowrey School

City Beautiful Committee

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