Week 32


  • Monday, 4/27: Converse of Pythagorean Video Notes and Exit Slip
  • Tuesday, 4/28: Types of Triangles Sort
  • Wednesday, 4/29: Is It Right? Video Review
  • Thursday, 4/30: Get the Message
    • Live iLearn Big Blue Button Q&A, 11AM
  • Friday, 5/1: Right Triangle or Not Video Creation


  • Monday, 4/27: Solving Equations by Square Roots Quiz (illuminate)
  • Tuesday, 4/28: FOIL Intro
    • Live Big Blue Button Q&A, 3PM
  • Wednesday, 4/29: AlgebraNation Section 1 Topic 3 (Take notes and write at least 3 Cornell Questions) Homework: IXL Z.8
  • Thursday, 4/30: Greatest Common Factor Video Notes
    • Live iLearn Big Blue Button Q&A, 2:15PM
  • Friday, 5/1: Clams and Crabs

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