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Electronic Reading Log

Greetings families!

I have created an electronic reading log for students to use as an alternative to the paper copy they have been getting every week. This will hopefully reduce paper and will be more enjoyable for the students to complete because they love using computers. I definitely will still have the paper log available if using a computer is not possible at home. Link is attached below:

Electronic Reading Log

Reading Logs and Holiday Celebration

Good Afternoon!

Please remind your child to turn in their reading logs every Monday. We will be having our first book club this Friday! They will not be able to participate in book club if they are not turning in their reading logs.

I sent a message out on ClassDojo about our holiday celebration next Friday. Here is the link if you missed it:

I appreciate your support and contributions! 🙂


Have a great weekend.

Upcoming Dates

Hi all!

Please make sure to check the calendar on the blog on a weekly basis for important dates. Here are a few you don’t want to miss!!

Tuesday 11/13

Social Studies Unit 2 Test

Music club CANCELLED

Parent Teacher Conferences Continue after school

Thursday 11/15

Parent Teacher Conferences Continue

Friday 11/16

Module 1 Math Test

Spelling Test



Pumpkin Patch

Henry Ford Pumpkin Patch

When: Tuesday, October 30 @ 2:00

Where: Lower EL Playground

Cost: $3

What you get: 1 pumpkin, 1 donut & 1 cup of Apple Cider


Hello all! I can’t believe it is already mid-October! This year is flying by already.

Just a few reminders:

  • Please make sure your child is coming to school with a coat and/or warm clothing. It is getting chilly out and the kids go out for recess 3 times a day. It is important that they are dressing warm for the cold weather!
  • Remember that Fridays are spelling test days…which means our spelling packets need to be complete and ready to turn in by Friday. Our spelling packets are given out on Mondays and we have an entire week to complete it!
  • Also, reading logs are given out on Monday, and due the following Monday. It is VERY important that fourth graders are reading at least 45 minutes a day. Students are given plenty of books to take home and read. They will also be given a free book a month that they get to keep! These are great books to use for reading logs!
  • Picture day is Monday, October 22!
  • Swimming starts on Monday, October 22.
  • Our first Mid-Module quiz is on Monday, October 22.

Welcome to Fourth Grade!!

Hi all and welcome back!!

It has been a pleasure getting to know each and every student this week! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone even better throughout the school year. We are still adjusting to our new routines and just getting our feet wet here in room 133. Hopefully after this extended weekend, we will come back ready to go strong! I will be posting weekly or bi-weekly updates (depending on how much is going on), weekly spelling lists, daily homework and useful links on my blog to keep you up to date with all our happenings. ClassDojo is my main mode of communication so if you have not signed up for that yet, please do so! I send out important updates and I am easily able to chat with you through the messenger there.

I look forward to meeting all my wonderful families at Open House on Thursday, September 13!

Please email any of your questions or comments to, or through the ClassDojo messenger!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Zeghir

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