Chromebook Pick-up

We hope this message finds you all in good health. Woodworth Middle School will be handing out chromebooks to students who still need technology on Monday, April 27th from 12-2.  Parent and student ID must be present in order to get a chromebook. We will be handing chromebooks out off of Hubbard Drive facing Greenfield – Door #7.  We are asking everyone to stay in their car and drive up waiting for directions from our volunteers.  We ask everyone to adhere to the strict guidelines of social distancing in order to protect our families and our volunteers.  

Orchestra Due Date Schedule Moving Forward

I wanted to give you an outline of what the deadlines will look like for each week. Here is what will be expected of you to complete:

Monday: Lesson posted with Google form quiz. Due Monday 11:59pm

Tuesday: Google hangout 11:30am-12pm, go over material from Monday

Wednesday: Lesson posted with Google form quiz. Due Wednesday 11:59pm

Thursday: Google hangout 11:30am-12pm, go over material from Wednesday

Friday: Independent listening activity for you to complete, not submitting

This schedule will be the same each week, with a lesson and submission on Mon/Wed due that day and Google Hangouts on Tues/Thurs.

Please be sure that you are staying on top of your assignments since you are being graded. We are trying to keep this short and streamlined for you because we don’t want you to be overwhelmed.

Office Hours for Ms. Hilborn

As we move forward with online learning I want to make sure that I am available to answer both student and parent/guardian questions as best I can. You can email me questions at any time to and I will try very hard to respond within 24 hours. 

However, if you need your question answered right away I will be holding office hours via email on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-12pm. During these hours I will be on my email and respond to your question immediately rather than you having to wait up to 24 hours for a response. 

Students – please note that I will no longer be receiving private comments you post on Google classroom. If you want to include a private comment with your work that is fine but I won’t see your comment until I go in to grade your assignment. If you have a question about an assignment after reading all directions then please email me or email me during office hours for an immediate response

Updates on Online Learning

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great spring break, even if you didn’t spend it the way you maybe planned to. I just wanted to give you a few important updates from our Woodworth meeting yesterday.

– Moving forward, all online work will be graded and counted toward a student’s ability to
receive credit (or no credit) for a class.
– You NEED to be doing ALL assigned work for ALL classes. Students not completing assigned
work on time will result in a parent phone call from their teacher, A2 teacher, support staff,
and/or principals.
– I am checking and grading all work submitted. Please make sure that you have actually
completed the assignment before submitting it and that it does not contain spelling/grammar
errors since these will impact your score and can be easily fixed using spell check.
– I am happy to answer questions via email and try to respond to help you quickly. However, I
am also working hard to make sure online instructions are very clear so that you can be
successful with your assignments. Please read all directions carefully and try troubleshooting
before emailing me, since many of the questions I’ve been receiving can be found in the
assignment instructions.

I hope that you are all in good health and able to spend some time relaxing during this time at home! 🙂 ~Ms. Hilborn

Google Classroom

With online learning, all students will be expected and required to complete assignments online. These assignments will be put into the student MiStar gradebook and count towards their grade.

Assignments, and information on assignments will be posted via Google Classroom. All students have received an invite to our Google classroom via their school email.

Each week students will be expected to turn in a listening journal if they do not have their instrument OR a practice checklist if they do have their instrument. These journals/checklists are due on Fridays.

Each week students will be expected to turn in one additional assignment using Information for how to login in to this resource will be available on Google Classroom and is also due on Fridays.

Students are welcome to work ahead and turn in assignments early, however, failure to turn in assignments on time will result in notifying parents of student’s lack of progress.