Woodworth Orchestra Welcome

Exciting things are happening in Orchestra! Students have been learning how to hold their instrument using good posture and practicing how to hold their bows. Yesterday we learned our very first piece “Hot Cross Buns”! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, concert announcements and playing test reminders 🙂

Playing Test – Monday, 3/26

Just a reminder that your playing test will be on Monday, March 26

Violins and violas are playing “Dragon Slayer” mm. 36-45

Cellos are playing “Dragon Slayer” mm. 19-26

Have a musical weekend! 🙂

Dragon Slayer Play Along Tracks

Our next playing test will be the Friday, March 16. You will be playing Dragon Slayer mm. 1-10. Below are the audio files of the piece for you to practice along with. Happy practicing!!

Dragon Slayer – Violin


Dragon Slayer – Viola


Dragon Slayer – Cello

Items Due on Friday, March 2

We have a lot of items due on Friday, March 2! Here is the list of items due:


Playing Test – Tuesday, January 9

Our next playing test will be the Tuesday we return to school (1/9/18). You can choose which song you would like to perform. You may choose either Folk Dance or Jingle bells (A lines only). If you would like to play both songs I will give you up to 10 points of extra credit for the second song. Below are the audio files of the pieces for you to practice along with. Hope you are all having a great break, email me if you have questions. Happy practicing!!


Jingle Bells (A lines only)


Folk Dance


Woodworth Concert Week Schedule

It’s almost time for our concert! Here is how next week looks for rehearsal and concert times:

Tuesday, December 14 – 8th grade Orchestra coming to 1st hour
Wednesday, December 20 – 7th grade Orchestra coming to last hour
Thursday, December 21 – Concert Day
7th and 8th grade Orchestra students released from classes at 1:05pm to report to music room 118 for rehearsal with Fordson Orchestra.
Concert start time: 2pm at Woodworth Cafeteria (7th grade students will not be returning to their last hour following the concert)

Playing Test – Monday, Dec. 11

The next playing test will be Monday, December 11 on the following:

  • Twinkle
  • Twinkle “Goody Goody Stop Stop”
  • Twinkle “Wish I Had a Million Dollars”

Fate decides which one you will play, so make sure to prepare each variation!

Woodworth Music Program Winter Concert

The Woodworth Music Program will be holding our winter concert on Thursday, December 21 at 2pm in the Woodworth Cafeteria. We have invited the Fordson Band and Orchestra to come and perform alongside our 7th and 8th grade orchestras. We would love to have a full audience to cheer on our students and their hard work this semester!

Thank you for your support of our students and the music program. We hope to see you all there!