Reading Log

On Monday we are sending home your child’s first home reading log for homework. Your child will be required to read for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each night. Please keep track of your child’s at-home reading by filling in the reading log each night. Your child will begin to gain confidence as a reader and develop reading fluency by reading a variety of different ways, but always be sure to alternate between them. Young readers become better readers by listening to good readers read and by reading themselves. You may choose to:

  • Read to your child while he/she listens
  • Read with your child (alternating who reads) Listen to him/her
  • Read to you

Always be sure to ask your child questions about the book before, during, and after reading to better judge if they are understanding what they are reading. Have fun reading together! This is the year when you will see your little one make the most gains in becoming a fluent reader!

Kindergarten Reading Log

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