STOP and take action…DON’T let your child suffer the dreaded summer learning loss.


Summer vacation should be a nice break from school, but doesn’t necessarily have to mean a break from learning.  Taking time to “sharpen the saw” with friends and family is awesome, but also take some time to keep the brain and body “sharp!”


Here are some ideas to keep that brain sharp over the summer.

  • Visit the Dearborn Public libraries during the summer to check out books, and participate in other fun activities.  Go to Dearborn Library and click on Kids &Teens, then “Elementary Schoolers” for dates and times of summer events.
  • Schedule some “Family Reading Time” and take turns reading a chapter book together.  Just enjoy the story and a little cuddle time!
  • Take some mini vacations around town.  Visit some local museums…wander around and talk!
  • Have your child plan a mini trip. They can go online and figure out the cost, time it will take to drive there, and list some things for your family to see and do while there.


Dearborn schools also has some on-line tools that students can use during the summer.  Students can log on through CLEVER and use Moby Max to keep their skills sharp. Students should also use Zearn throughout the summer.


Last but not least, visit Mrs. Ackerman’s media blog through the Dearborn Schools website.  She has tons of websites that the students have used linked on her blog.

Use Habit 2 “Begin with the End in Mind”…

and make a plan for Summer Learning!  

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach your children.  This was a wonderful group of learners, and I really enjoyed our year together.

Stay Safe…

Please join the PTA tomorrow, June 11th, immediately after school to celebrate our amazing  staff members, Mrs. Lorber, Mrs. Bush, and Miss Kim, who will be retiring this school year. We will have some delicious cake and cupcakes donated by parents, Emily Blumenstein and Stacey Krol!
We will be located on the black top behind the school, where the upper Elementary dismisses. See you there!

Field Day Reminder!

Tuesday, June 11th

9:00 – 11:35am 3rd-5th

12:30 – 3:05pm Y5’s-2nd

 Each student needs to bring or wear the following:

  • Athletic wear in the assigned class color if possible

Y5 – K = Yellow

1st = Blue

2nd = Red

3rd = Yellow

4th = Blue

5th = Red

  • Hat, if desired
  • Athletic Shoes (no sandals/boots)
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Snack (labeled)
  • Sun Screen applied before school. However, parents/guardians may come upto the school to reapply before your students designated time.

We still need parents to volunteer for stations and to bring watermelon! Those volunteering will receive a lunch sponsored by the PTA.

Please sign up @

The PTA will be serving cheese pizza, watermelon, and pretzels for lunch for the students; however, students are welcome to bring their own lunch instead.

The PTA is asking for donations of cakes and cupcakes for next week’s Fun Fair Cake Walk.  Please drop off any story bought or homemade cakes/cupcakes at the school by 4:00 Friday (June 7th). The more cakes we have, the more rounds we can go! Thank you.

In honor of Lindbergh School achieving Lighthouse Status, students and staff will be celebrating during our final assembly on Thursday, June 6th.  We are asking for every student to bring a small flashlight (with their name on it) to use during the assembly.  

Here’s what is on the academic schedule this week:

NWEA Science…Wednesday morning & NWEA Language…Thursday morning.  Please make every effort to have your child well rested, fed, and on time!  

Reading:  End of year assessments

Math: Module 4 – Review lessons 1-4, quiz on Friday covering Topic A; ParentTips – TopicA

Social Studies:  Writing opinion pieces tied to Core Democratic Values; What is Economics?

Science:  “The Plastic Pollution Crisis”; Mystery Science – What do blind people see? & How can animals see in the dark?

Spelling: Economics Vocabulary (28) – students will have both a spelling test and vocabulary quiz on Friday;

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 5/29 & Thursday 5/30 – NWEA testing

Monday 6/3- Wednesday 6/5 – No School

Attention fourth-grade parents!
The fourth-grade room-parents traditionally set up and host the promotion ceremony for our fifth-graders. This year’s ceremony is Friday, June 14th, at 9 AM. We have everything covered except for 4-5 cases of bottled water  on ice in coolers.  Are any of you willing to handle that?  You’d need to have it at school by 9 AM; we can help with coolers and ice, but if you can do those too, all the better!  You will be reimbursed.
Thank you for your consideration,
Amanda LeFranc

Here’s what is on the academic schedule this week:

NWEA Math…Wednesday morning.  Please make every effort to have your child well rested, fed, and on time!  

Reading:  Begin end of year assessments

Math: Module 4 – most students have practiced these lessons on Zearn; I will review/reteach lessons as needed, so our schedule will be flexible.

Social Studies:  Unit 6 – Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens; writing opinion pieces tied to Core Democratic Values; study guide – test will be given next week.

Science:  “The Plastic Pollution Crisis”; Mystery Science (Human Machine)– Why do biceps bulge? Robot Finger (use the link if you would like to make the robot hand!); What do blind people see?

Spelling: Homophones (27);

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, 5/22 – NWEA testing

Friday, 5/24  & Monday, 5/27 – No School

Today our class talked about teamwork.  We discussed how effective teams are the result of sharing ideas and learning from one another. Ask your child, “What is the value of sharing ideas when working on a team?”