This week our academic agenda is packed with assessments.  Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, gets plenty of rest, and prepares (study guides for math and S.S. were sent home last week).

Here’s the schedule:

Reading:  NWEA Test on Wednesday; DRA testing and progress monitoring.

Writing: Answering questions using CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning).

Math: NWEA Test on Monday; Mid-Module Assessment on Tuesday; continue work in Module 3, lessons 13-14.

Social Studies:  Unit 3 – Assessment on Thursday

Science: Begin Sound unit with Mystery “How Far Can a Whisper Travel?”

Spelling:  none

Upcoming Events:

Friday, 1/18 – Half day! Students dismissed at 11:45.

Monday, 1/21 – No School, MLK day.

Tuesday, 1/22 – Half day! Students dismissed at 11:45.

Quick reminder about our Community Service Projects…

Today might be a great time for your child to dig through the recycling for can tabs or maybe do a few chores around the house to earn some money for items to donate to the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

I am reposting the note from Ben Ross, Lindbergh Student Lighthouse Leader.

  1. Dearborn Animal Shelter

The Dearborn Animal Shelter is located on Michigan Ave. behind the Police Station.  They take care of many unwanted pets. Due to the amount of animals they need our help.  The shelter is in need of many new items to help take care of the animals. Here is a list of a few needed items for dogs and cats. Cats need dry purina, dishes and cat clay litter- non clumping. Dogs need Nylon 6 ft. collars, pedigree(food). Both cats and dogs need new fleece blankets, toys and treats. We are collecting until the end of February. Put the donations in the box by the Auditorium.

  1. Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor provides a “home away from home” for families of children experiencing a serious illness or injury required hospitalization in the Ann Arbor area.

The Ronald McDonald House needs pop tabs to turn in and they can recycle them for money.  Please bring your pop tabs to school and put them in your classroom container. We are collecting until the end of May.

A note from Mr. Harvey…


     I wanted to clarify some key questions as we kickoff this years Kids Heart Challenge.  Students can collect donations one of two ways; registering online with the app or with the purple envelope that went home yesterday with the students.
     Because of the overwhelming response, I ask that students only turn in their envelope when they are finished collecting donations on their PE days.  This way, I can assure that each student has received the necessary prizes they have earned and thank them for their assistance in helping out with this amazing program. If a student has loose money, I ask that they keep it in their Kids Heart Challenge envelope until they are finished collecting and ready to turn it all in.  The deadline for the donations is Friday, February 15th.  If you need extra envelopes, let me know!
     Additionally, I encourage all students to register online for their free glow in the dark wristband and your chance at a $25 gift card and a free PE day! I am tracking the progress of the registered students in the gym.

Module 3 Lesson 11 Homework – Must do problems: 1. a, b, c, 2. & 3.


At the end of the day, Rami’s planner and homework folder were accidentally scooped up by somebody!  Please check your child’s backpack to see if he/she has Rami’s things.

Thank you.

A note from Mr. Harvey…Informational packets will be sent home on Wednesday.

Dear Lindbergh Flyers Family,

I am very excited to kickoff our Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope for Heart).  Information about the event will be passed out to students this week regarding ways to support the American Heart Association (non-profit) with a wonderful fundraiser opportunity to give back and provide assistance for lifesaving research.  Additionally, a one page flyer will also be distributed in Arabic for our families regarding the event. You can lead the way by registering and taking the challenge! Here is the link our schools web page to register and more information. Thank you for your continued support!

We will be having the mid-module test next week.  Please review  all the exit tickets.  Lessons 9-11 all practice the standard algorithm.  Students may continue to use partial products or the place value chart in addition to the standard algorithm if needed.

Module 3 Lesson 10 – Must do problems: 1. a, c, e, g, 2. &  3.


Module 3 Lesson 9 – Must do problems 1. a, b, 2. a, b, c, 4. & 6.  Students are to try the standard algorithm for multiplication.  They can check themselves using partial products or by drawing a place value chart.  The video is really helpful for reviewing the standard algorithm. For the story problems 4 & 6 make sure to use the read, DRAW, write method.


I hope everyone enjoyed their “winter” break, although we haven’t seen much of winter!  I am looking forward to seeing all those smiling faces Monday morning.

Here’s what on the academic agenda this week:

Reading:  Re-establishing routines for Daily 5; inferring theme in a story; identifying main idea & details in articles.

Writing: Answering questions using CER (claim, evidence, and reasoning).

Math: Module 3 – Multi-Digit Multiplication & Division. Our goal is to complete lessons 9-11 this week. Please continue to review/save exit tickets from each lesson and use Zearn for additional practice.

Social Studies:  Unit 3 – Human Geography in the U.S.; identifying push/pull factors that have caused people to migrate in U.S. history.  A study guide for our upcoming test will be sent this week.

Science: Mystery #8 “Where does energy come from?”  Students analyze the advantages/disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy sources.  Begin Sound unit with Mystery “How Far Can a Whisper Travel?”

Spelling:  Words with /en/ and math content words; use to practice.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, 1/9 – Kids Heart Challenge Kickoff (formerly Jump Rope for Heart)

NWEA Testing will start next week.

Thank you for all the beautiful cards and gifts for the holidays.  I am so fortunate to work at a school with such wonderful parental support.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and restful winter break.  The student homework during the break is to “sharpen the saw” and reflect each day on ways they sharpened their brain, body, and/or heart.  I’ve attached a copy of the homework in case your child lost it during the end of the day “chaos.”

Holiday Homework

Have fun!