Another New Week!

Your ELA assignments for week 7 are now available in iLearn. You may work on the assignments according to the suggested days or you may work on it at your own pace.

If you are behind on your work, you can still complete the missing assignments for credit. When logging into iLearn, the first work you will see is for the new week. You only need to scroll down a bit and you will find week 6 (if needed, keep scrolling and you’ll find week 5).

If you received an email regarding missing assignments, please complete them as soon as possible. If I do not receive any work and/or I do not receive a follow up email from you, someone from the district will be calling to follow up.

As always, I am here to help. There are several ways for me to be able to work with you but it all begins with an email from you. Please let me know what help you need.

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