🌺In Person Learning Labs-Thursday🌺

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In Person Learning Labs at Lowrey School, please make sure you enter through the main doors to get your temperature taken.  Please make sure you wear a mask and bring your chromebook charged and a backpack(with white-board, eraser, and marker) to the session.


1:15-2:00 with Ms. Wentland in Room 148

Hussein HachemAmelie HassanLayal Moussa


Yasameen AlemarahMalak AlmanfiSelma Sayed

Thank you for dropping an dpicking up students on time!!!


Ms. Wentland

🌻Wednesday In Person Learning Labs🌻

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In Person Learning Labs at Lowrey School, please make sure you enter through the main doors to get your temperature taken.  Please make sure you wear a mask and bring your chromebook charged and a backpack(with white-board, eraser, and marker) to the session.


1:15-2:00 with Ms. Wentland in Room 148

Mahmoud KassemIssa AbueidaTaha Omayan

1:15- 2:00 with Mrs. Navarre in Room 141.

Jana Boussi-W1stAbelfadel Hassan-W1stAlabbas Sami-W1st

2:20-3:10 with Ms. Wentland in Room 148.

Eman AlkhobariHaya SaeedKaid Alsaidi

Thank you for dropping and picking up students on time!!!


Ms. Wentland


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Students MUST wear a mask. Please enter through the main entrance doors. Please be prompt for scheduled appointment time! I will be testing inside of the classroom 148.

Wednesday 9-16-20


12:30- Issa


1:30- Yasameen

2:00- Eman


Thursday 9-17-20


12:30- Kaid


1:30- Amjad



Wednesday 9-23-20


12:30- Abelfadel


1:30- Mahmoud

2:00- Layal-Virtual at Bambiland if you can not make it in person


Thursday 9-24-20


1:00- Haya




❤Updates for First Grade❤

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PLEASE make sure you get your student a pair of headphones to use during Zoom. Help to make sure these are plugged into the chromebook and functioning properly. Many families have background noise or other students in the household learning and this makes it VERY difficult for you child to focus on our lesson! A great place to find inexpensive headphones is the dollar store, gas stations, CVS, etc. If you need help finding headphones, please message me privately so I can assist.

2- SUPPLIES- I am noticing some students drawing on whiteboards or flipping through journals/workbooks during videos/stories/while I am speaking. This is not allowed. Students should only be using materials when directed, as their focus should remain on the lesson currently happening!

3- SNACK- I give snack time from 9:45-10:00. This is the time for your child to use the bathroom, HAVE A SNACK, take a play break. Please make sure snack is completed during this window (just like it would be in the classroom). Students should NOT be eating or drinking during the zoom lesson AT ALL. This is a distraction to their own learning and to the other students as well!

4- This week and next week- We will begin in person assessments in the afternoons (schedule coming soon). After our morning session on zoom- students will break for lunch recess from 11:05-11:40. At 11:45-12:20, students will need to come back onto Zoom to complete their writing/science/social studies assignment. This can be found on schoology under the weeks folder and day of the week. All videos and read alouds used during the morning zoom class can be found here as well for reference-under video recordings. The daily special begins at 12:20 each day.

Daily ASSIGNMENTS on Schoology!

Please log on to ZOOM through Schoology!

It is so important that your child has a chromebook. If you are still in need of a chromebook PLEASE message me so I can help you obtain one! Please do not hesitate to message me with questions on how to log into schoology or find the assignments. I am more than happy to help you the best I can! I appreciate you all for trying your best and staying patient with me and technology when things don’t go as planned! I apologize for any mistakes. I appreciate your help throughout this learning process.

Thank you,

Miss Wentland

❤First Grade Specials Schedule❤

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First Grade Specials Schedule

Each day from 12:20-1:14pm, students will be participating in specials. Recorded lessons or Live lessons will be available through Schoology for each special. You will open the course for each day in Schoology and complete the activities and assignments in there. Please follow the schedule below so you know which special course to open each day.


😊How to log on to Schoology😊

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How to log on to Schoology:

  1.  Go to the Dearborn Schools webpage: www.dearbornschools.org
  2. Click on Student Portal.
  3. Click on Schoology.
  4. Sign in using your child’s school email address and password.  This information can be found on the front of the red folder found in the backpack given to your child by the school.
  5. Click on courses at the top.
  6. Click the course with yellow picture (1st Grade PerAM).
  7. Click on the folder for the week.
  8. Click on today’s date.
  9. Click on an assignment to see the directions.

*The Zoom link will always be found in Schoology and will never change.  This is the link we will always use.  It is the same link that we have been using on my blog.

*For RazKids, you do not have to submit a picture or document. Just type “done” and  click submit.  I will see what they did in RazKids on my teacher account reports.

*For other assignments you can either type in a response or attach a picture or document.  Then you will click submit.