Dialogic Book Reading

This video does a great job of showing how to read to young children. Dialogic book reading is an interactive experience for the reader and the child and is wonderful for building comprehension skills! The link below includes stories, videos and reading activities by grade level. It is a phenomenal resource! https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?caching

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Articulation Word Lists

This one is for my students working on specific speech sounds! On the link below, you can choose specific sounds in various positions (initial, medial and final). I typically use the single word lists and have the students create their own sentences with each word if they are working on their sound at sentence level. […]

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A Few Simple Language Activities

Play a game where you hide something and give your child specific directions on how to find it (i.e. Go up the stairs.  Turn right and walk to 10 steps. Look behind the pillow.) Then have your child take a turn hiding something and giving you specific directions. (Great for giving and following directions!) Play […]

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Hi Everyone! If your student receives speech and language services at Whitmore-Bolles, this blog is for you! I will be posting resources weekly that will hopefully help your students practice their speech and/or language skills during this school closure. I encourage you to practice these skills with your child as often as you can to […]

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Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorials and Step Sheets. It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will […]

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