April 16

Thursday, April 16th 

Physical Activity

Handout: Sun Salutation , Let’s go to the Ocean 

Today’s KWIO yoga flow is called “Let’s go to the Ocean” – we’ll use ocean breathing and visualization combined with a yoga flow that will help with balance, coordination, and an awareness of how our bodies move.  

A HIIT workout combines sets of exercise with shorter sets of rest. This HIIT workout is designed to not use any equipment.  It’s quick – only eight minutes, so double up if you’re up to the challenge!

Feeling ambitious today? Try doing yoga and TWO rounds of the HIIT workout.  Work up a sweat and keep your body strong and healthy!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

You probably know that vitamins are important for your health, right? But do you know which vitamins you need, or which foods you should eat to get them?  Let’s start at the beginning today with Vitamin A.  Vitamin A is important for your overall health because it’s good for your vision, helps to strengthen your immune system, makes your bones strong, and even helps to prevent acne.  

Try one of these foods to get your daily dose of Vitamin A: 

Sweet potatoKale, spinach, collard greensSquashRed peppersCooked carrotsMangoCantaloupeGrapefruitWatermelonSalmon and Tuna

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